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Why does this series work? Seriously, it’s a question I’ve been asking since Marvel annouced this C list hero was going to replace such a popular character. Ever since this this was changed to ‘Incredible Hercules’, this has been one of the most entertaining comics out there. Maybe not as high as Captain America or Ennis’s Punisher; but it feels like a great B-action film with a ton of big muscle men and ridiculous science involved.

So far this Secret Invasion tie-in has been one of the most entertaining, up there with Black Panther’s and Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of the ridiculous amount of tie-ins. In fact this is a gem in an otherwise sewage filled lake that is Secret Invasion. In two words this is why you need to pick this title up: GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD SQQQUUUADDDD!!!!

Seriously, such a great idea to bring in some of the biggest gods around and just beat the crap out of aliens. It sounds like something out of a Mystery Science Theater film doesnt it? With a lot of great humor, good art to match the fight scenes, and an overall sense of awesome; this is one of the must read titles for Marvel.

It amazes me that some people have yet to try this title out. Well whether your angry that this was replacing a Hulk title, or your just not interested in the guy. Get up, run to your comic store, and read the issue while your totally out of breath. You get a new sense of fresh air after reading the next Amazing Spider-Man ‘Bland More Day’ or Ultimate ‘I want to Kill myself’ 3.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. It’s almost like we’re guaranteed to be disappointed with the super-important titles and nobody reads the books that are really good. People are just not going to pick up this title, no matter how well it’s being made. With how much books are these days, you can’t sell Hercules. He’s just not a draw. Bland More Day and Ultiimate Kill Myself may be very accurate, but they’re still gonna sell 10x what Herc does. I’m really trying to find one of your reviews to pick a fight with, but I’ve been enjoying every page of this arc.

  2. This was a seriously rockin’ issue.

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