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The story seems to be zipping along quite nicely although I get the feeling that Johns is cruising on auto pilot a little. We’ve seen this story before in GL: Rebirth as many have pointed out before with a few interesting quirks that keep the reader guessing, but that’s not my main problem.

My main problem is with the quality of the artwork by Ethan Van Sciver. I’ve only been exposed to his artwork in the past in GL: Rebirth, then I thought it was quite good. Now, however I think it veers wildly from great (almost Brian Bolland quality) to terrible and amateurish, usually on the same page!

Examples: Why is Bart running with his knee up by his chin as he stops to talk to Barry on pg. 6? Nobody runs like that! The only reason is that he fits in nicely on the page layout. Otherwise it makes no sense and looks weird.

Also, the splash page on pg 14 is so sloppy it looks like amateur fan art, especially Superman’s profile. From an artist of EVS supposed-quality this is just not good enough. Maybe it’s the monthly schedule that’s making his work sloppy, but it really is a shame and ruins the comic for me. It seems that every issue of this series starts well art-wise then gets steadily worse and worse towards the end of the issue until it degenerates into a mess. Add to that the fact that the art starts off serious and detailed but ends cartoony and covered with weak computer colouring effects all over the page, this is just not a good showcase for EVS art at all in my opinion.


Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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