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  1. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, of course, but I’m curious, did you read Green Lantern: Rebirth?  Because what Johns is doing here is very similar to what he did for Hal, and most everyone agrees that GL is killer book these days.  A lot of people might’ve thought that bringing back Sinestro was silly, but under Johns’ hand, he’s a much more compelling figure than he’s ever been.  Don’t you think he’s got the same planned for Thawne?  And the part you’re referring to with the "rubbery legs" is Barry rejoining the Speed Force.  He’s definitely not going for perfect composition.  You said that you understand what they’re trying to do, so how can you hold that against them?

  2. @superchuck

    Yeah, I read GL:Rebirth and I was completely against it before I read it and ended up loving it. Each issue seemed to build on the last and make it seem more worthwhile. This series seems to build on the fact Barry doesn’t think he deserves or needs to come back and there is really only so many times you can read that before you start agreeing with it. Of course I felt that way before starting the series, and his whining isn’t doing a damn thing to make me think he needs to come back.


    As for Thawne, not only do we have a better Professor Zoom already in continuity, but for god’s sake, Johns created him. I have a full run of Wally Flash, except after it restarted after Bart died, and about 5 years of Flash before that, and having Barry kill him was one of the best parts of that series. And he should have nothing to do with the speed force. His neck was snapped, why is he there? 

     I know what the rubberly legs are meant to signify, that doesn’t mean I think it’s good art. I know what Liefeld is trying to do most of the time, that doesn’t mean I like it. 

     Basically I’m saying, I know what they are trying to do, and I am willing to give them a chance, but that doesn’t mean that it is good or enjoyable. Thusly, I gave it a 3 out of 5. Not bad, just not that good either. 

  3. Man, why would anyone want Max Mercury to become a villian? That would be even dumber than what they did with that other Max (Lord). 

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