FF #6

Review by: DemonBoy

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Avg Rating: 3.0
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    Story by Jonathan Hickman
    Art by Greg Tocchini
    Cover by Mark Bagley

    Size: pages
    Price: 2.99

    I’m a DC guy but have been folowinf Fantastic Four since Hickman’s run started.  Every single issue of this book that he’s written is at the top of my pile to read, but this month was the first real disappointment.

    Storywise, this book seems to go nowhere.  Now, as a newer Marvel reader there may be little things I’m missing here but it seems like this issue had no forward progression at all.  But the fault on this issue’s disappointment doesn’t fall on Hickman.  Although if you’re looking for excellent Hickman, check out Red Wing #1 this week.

    What the hell is Greg Tocchini doing????  I loved his work on The Last Days of American Crime but his recent run on Batman and Robin was horribly inconsistent and weak….and it seems he’s here to drag down my favorite Marvel book. The second I saw his name on the cover I sighed and rolled my eyes.  Please tell me that he’s only filling in for this issue and we’re getting someone else next month.   

    Story: 2 - Average
    Art: 1 - Poor

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