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Avg Rating: 3.4
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Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Stuart Immonen & Wade Von Grawbadger
Cover by Stuart Immonen & Billy Tan

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

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Story: 2 - Average
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  1. Great review. I think what’s missing in this year’s event stories is the slow burn. With Darkest Night you had that story building in Green Lantern and GL Corps. With Siege you saw Osbourne running things in the Marvel U in the pages of the Avengers, et al. With Flashpoint and Fear Itself it feels like these stories came out of nowhere.

  2. yeah nothing has beat the dread feeling of the first Blackest Night book. The panel with Guy Gardener saying, “You hear that?” then cutting to the zombie hordes showing up was sheer terror. Fear Itself has zero context. “Let’s give Odin a brother…and make everyone afraid of….well, we’re not sure, but we’ll give them some hammers.”
    Flashpoint, while it does have is negative points, WAS being built up in the Flash books prior. But like Fear, I can’t get the oomph of a WW/Aquaman war. It’s much better than Fear though.

  3. Really great review.

  4. Good review. I always appreciate well thought-out critical reviews. You’re right that with great books like Xombi, Batman Inc and others in the marketplace . . . it really does put these event books into perspective. For me Xombi #6 and Batman Inc #8 will be bigger “events” than anything I’ve seen in Flashpoint or Fear Itself.

  5. @Smasher  Agree.  The last two issues of Flash leading to Flashpoint were below average.  Fear itself came out of nowhere with no momentum.

  6. Excellent review. I agree with you but I find the glaring character inconcistencies too grating to enjoy. Not only the way Thor talks, but would he really kill Thing as flippantly? And I cannot buy Peter Parker walking away from the fight, nor Cap admitting defeat, this isn’t the first time these characters have been in terrible cicumstances, we know as readers that they don’t react this way.

  7. Having been out of comics for quite a while and only recently hoping back into the Fantastic Four a few years ago, a little background would have been nice when Franklin did whatever it is he did that he shouldn’t tell Reed and Sue about. Any tiny bit of backstory would have been nice there. Anything.

  8. Have a look at the preview for Avengers 16. There’s more grounding in character, exploration of who Cap is and examination of the repercussions of Bucky’s death in those four pages than in the entirety of Fear Itself.

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