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Scott Snyder has turned Detective Comics into one of the best DC books and his current storyline has been nothing short of brilliant. And while this is the final issue of the “Hungry City” arc, it really sets the table for what’s to come.

Snyder’s story picks up with Batman captured by Tiger Shark and precariously dangling over a giant tank filled with a killer whale. This leads to some great insight into Tiger Shark, his intentions, and motivations. Snyder again shows his knack for writing crisp and clever dialogue and the issue’s one action sequence is a memorable one. The issue also gives us the anticipated meeting between Dick and James Gordon, Jr. He’s an uncomfortable and rather creepy character that will certainly leave an impression on you. His scenes are some of the best and pack the story’s biggest punches. Also be prepped for a jolting ending.

Jock’s art style isn’t my favorite but it continues to be a wonderful fit with this book. He has such a keen eye for setting up his panels and offers the perfect tone for a book of this nature. There are panels where his particular style doesn’t work for me but the overall look of the issue is hard to argue with. He’s really doing a good job.

Snyder has done a great job bringing out the detective feel that belongs in this series. He has consistently offered a dark, mesmerizing story and this issue is no different. The end will most certainly grab you and I can’t wait for what comes next. The saddest thing is that we only have three more issues left. Snyder and Jock’s Detective run is one of the most compelling arguments against DC’s reboot. I’m gonna hate to see this team split up.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I agree with you on Snyder;s writing. Its a great he gives great dialogue. The creepy meeting between Dick and Gordan Jr. was just enhanced by Jock’s art.

  2. I tend to agree. Those were Jock’s strongest panels. CREEPY!

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