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Cover by RYAN SOOK

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As a guy who knows little about the character, “DC Universe Presents: Deadman” #1 served as a jumping on point for me. I’ve always thought Deadman looked interesting so I was more than willing to give writer Paul Jenkins’ book a chance. Most of the issue feels like a conversation between the reader and a man named Boston Brand. We learn that he was an arrogant pompous jerk who is given a chance at redemption after being murdered by a mysterious assassin. It’s a well written explanation of the character, his history, and the nature of his special abilities. Jenkins narrative does spin it’s wheels in a few places particularly when Brand talks about the the different people he becomes and the emotional complexities he faces. But there’s also an introduction to a disabled war veteran that’s not only moving but quite compelling. This is an interesting introduction to Deadman but it’s hard to gauge how well this storyline will play out.

Bernard Chang’s art is solid but nothing that will blow you away. He does manage to capture the proper tone of this kind of story and I thought the military flashback pages were some of Chang’s best. He also draws a good consistent Deadman. But there’s nothing that really stands out about the rest of the book. It’s not glaringly bad and there are some good panels. But there’s little that will stick with you by the end of the issue.

This is a good start to the Deadman arc but not one that really fires me up for the next issue. There’s nothing wrong with the story or it’s structure and the art is more than serviceable. But unless your a big fan of the character or the creative team, this book could leave you wanting more. It’s good but far from great.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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