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Story by Mark Waid
Art by Chris Samnee
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Chris Samnee

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99


-I liked how Mark Waid was able to bring Ant Man and Daredevil closer together. Their origins are similar in a lot of ways and I would never have thought about it if Waid didn’t bring it up. It would be nice to see these two team up again in the near future.

-It will be interesting to see how Foggy and Murdock’s break up will effect the series in the next couple of issues. Although I could have sworn this is Matt’s firm so I’m not sure how a partner can do this to his (technically speaking) boss.

-Having Dr. Strange actually use his medical knowledge was a nice touch. Nobody uses that history with Strange so it’s nice Waid took the time to bring it up.

-The art by Samnee is just as strong as last issue. Some hiccups here or there but for the most part it’s a good looking issue. I particularly liked some of the little touches such as Ant-Man’s silhouette changing into Daredevil’s. Also, the look on Strange’s face as he becomes bored of Murdock’s conversation is hilarious. (Probably my panel of the week)


-It did feel a bit odd on how Ant-Man stopped the nanobots. I get how he did it but Waid could have explained it a bit clearer.

-Not so much a con in a ‘Wha?’ type of reaction. Okay….So somehow a villain got a hold of Murdock’s identity….took his Father’s ashes/skull…..put it in his desk without him ever noticing….and somehow he never realizes it’s there? Seems a bit fishy and it’ll probably be a big cheat to figure out how this is going to be resolved. Also, if Murdock knows it is his Father’s skeleton….Why didn’t he take it with him leaving the office?


This was a nice conclusion to the Latveria arc and a new beginning with the Murdock/Foggy relationship. While there are a few hiccups along the way it is a strong issue for Waid and Samnee. Ever since Samnee came aboard this series has been a bit uneven for me. But with these two, strong issues it is a nice sign that this series is in good hands for the future.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. The skeleton very well could have been snuck in during the nine days Matt was gone. I really liked the switching of memories and powers.

  2. Nice review. Great issue.

    As someone not well versed in Ant Man, why did he and Matt have such an affinity? What was it Matt said towards the end? “You are not the only one” or something? What exactly did he mean?

  3. I wish the review had correctly indicated that their would be spoilers so that I could wait until after I had read the issue. Thanks.

  4. I think the idea is that maybe Matt’s losing his mind and *this* Matt may not realize/remember that he’d stuffed the skull in the drawer. There’s already been some set-up in previous issues indicating that he might not be all there. Or as others have noted, an enemy may have planted it there to stir up shit and/or push him over the edge.

  5. Yeah, this was a great transition issue. So nice to have two set-pieces within this installment, the Marvel U awesomeness of the stuff with Stark, Strange, and Pym; and then the personal stuff with Foggy.

    Samnee is impressing me more every issue. I was never a huge fan of his, but he obviously has talent and style, and is more than capable and worthy of rendering Waid’s stories here.

    And the fact that Waid can turn his “happier Matt” plotline on its head is really impressive to me, as he does it in a way that doesn’t seem to violate the first 15 issues or feel contrived.

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