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I’m not much of a Cap fan.  I’ve bought a bunch of the trades so that I could dip into his mythos, and learn to more fully appreciate the impact of his “death”.  But I haven’t read them yet.  So I’m coming into this series mostly blind.  I know the basics, his associates, I’ve read most of The Avengers comics that involved him, loved his role in Civil War.  But, since his death didn’t shake me to my core or anything, his being “reborn” didn’t have me rubbing my hands together or jumping up and down.  And then issue 600 was a bloated marketing scheme that didn’t deliver.

This is better.

During their review of Cap #600, someone referenced the weapon Sharon used as a “cylon gun”, which, I believe, is Kobolian for “fracken plot device”.  In this issue, the gun is revealed (pretty early on, this isn’t really a spoiler) to be eerily similar to The Omega Sanction that Darkseid used on Bruce Wayne.  So, maybe Steve and Bruce are playing raquetball somewhere in dinasour time.

Ok, the truth about where Steve is/was is neither as cool, nor as lame as dinosaur raquetball.  But it’s in this issue, as well as the interactions of some of Steve’s old inner-circles.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. So Brubaker is stealing ideas from Morrison?

    Is that what your saying!? 🙂

  2. Or maybe Morrison stole it from Brubaker, and has a time machine.  The world will never know.

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