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To most fans, the word “retcon” is the ugliest word in the English language. Superboy-punches still haunt many nightmares. So understandably, the announcement of Captain America Reborn ruffled many fans into an outrage, as they thought it would essentially rob the impact of one of comic’s most emotionally shocking moments. After actually reading the issue, however, it becomes apparent that Brubaker was telling the truth when he said that this ressurection was planned from the beginning, as many plot points from around issue #25 were referenced and came to a head here.

So we get to sigh in relief there. Thankfully, the story was alright too. It involved a natural continuation of all the characters we’ve come to know and love in the past 50 or so issues, as they continue to investigate what is really going on with Steve Rogers. A few other big Marvel players are brought into the fold or at least referenced, which is fine since its pretty minor. I just hope that in future issues that Brubaker doesn’t get too ambitious in that end, as it would serverely hurt the story if it becomes too clutered.

We’re kind of given an explanation on what really happened with Steve Rogers, and while I won’t go into a detailed explaination of it, the basics just don’t ring true with me. I mean…time travel?? It seems like Brubaker didn’t really put too much thought into this one, but we’ll see where the story takes us, and hopefully Steve’s return will be just as epic as his death.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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