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  1. Cable is a pedophile?[B

  2. Things get heavy when you introduce time travel!

    Also, my girlfriend used to be a little girl, so now I’m not sure if that makes me a pedophile.

  3. That cover brings up the possibility of a dad-daughter relationship and having them married in the future makes it really weird.

  4. Just because he called her hope and just because he said your mother, that doesn’t mean anything.  I still think it’s rachel summers and he’s just calling her hope.  That’s all.

  5. I’m not stating that as my conclusion just because of this issue.  I’ve thought that for months now.  it’s possible that they’re teasing it so heavily because they’re going to swerve us, but lately I do not trust Marvel to be that subtle.

  6. I have to agree with fractal about the hope thing here.  Yes, she is drawn in a very similar fashion, but the red head he met in the first 6 issue arc looks like the same as hope and the little girl too.  It may just be a fallacy of olvietti’s art and I think they are just trying to show that cable like his father, has a thing for red heads.  Plus, the mother seemed to have absolutly no mutant abilities and remember this kid is supposed to be such a powerful mutant that she was detectable at birth so I find it hard to believe as an adult she wouldn’t seem to have any powers.

  7. Maybe she has sexy amnesia powers?

  8. Marvel try to expand the boundaries concerning sex in comics. First the Furries in X-Force, now "Lolita" in Cable…what next 2 mutants 1 cup?!

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