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Variant covers by IVAN REIS & OCLAIR ALBERT

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It occurs to me that what we’re reading, at least right now, is an anthology of sorts. With no real connection with any of the characters it feels like we are just following separate events in the DCU. What better way then to introduce another ‘patent pending’: PELLET REVIEWS!

Deadman: The issue starts off with a bang with the continuation of the strangest fight in history. Like all the stories (other then Gleason) I can’t tell who drew this. But the start of the fight is drawn beautifully and has a great two page spread. Although it ends rather abruptly I cannot wait to see where this story continues. With Deadman interacting the most with the White Light, it is probably still the most important.

Firestorm: Still don’t care, I just don’t care. The relationship with Jason and his Dad feels cliche and Robbie is just an asshole. Also, I call bullshit on the professor surviving an explosion and a safe door seemingly about to slam into him. Frank Lapidus you anit.

Aqauman: This is the story I want to see flourish more. Although I can get why these stories have to be separated for now, this (along with the others) are moving at a snails pace. With no Black Manta in sight still and the confusion of Aquaman rising dead fish not being explained quick enough; I’m finding little to care. Although if this is Ivan Reis drawing the character, he still is drawing dead sea life brilliantly.

Martian Manhunter: So far Gleason is showing us how brutal this title can be with Manhunter’s storyline. Opening up with cadavers and another look into the brutal killing of the family last issue; Gleason is still showing us some of his best work.

Hawkpeople: The problem with this storyline is simple. With their origins a literal clusterfuck, it’s hard to really get what’s going on. Who is Hath-Set and why is he using the skeletons of previous incarnations to open a portal? While the art is nice and the coloring makes it stand out more, again it’s really hard to care what is going on. Ironically though, this story seems to be moving the quickest even with the jump to other characters.

After three issues now it’s really, really hard to care about what’s going on. The art is still really good and definitely helps the blandness of the stories. The fact of the matter is that these stories are moving far to slowly. We may have twenty three issues to go, but it certainly feels a lot more with the pacing. Add in that the storyline with Firestorm and the Hawkpeople are just plain boring….dropping this title still is a strong option for this reader.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. well at least i feel ok about dropping this book after last issue. Like you i just can’t get on board with it. Its just too slow and too forgettable to warrant me handing over my money. 

    Seems like they made the fatal mistake of not putting enough KAPOW in the beginning. They just assume readers will be in for the entire run.  

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