BOYS #33

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Garth delivers the goods again with this wee book. This issue Butcher puts foot to ass on Payback the second best super-team. We also get a little bit of insight into Stormfront’s origin and the role he plays in Vought-Amercan’s agenda. The art and panel layouts work well to keep the cinematic pace of the story moving forward with no dead spots. It is a good blend of dark humor and shear brutality.
Garth has constructed a well executed satire of super-heroes, the comic book industry, and celebrity culture in general. The Boys has the potential to pull non-comics people into reading a comic book. I have made my “civilian” co-workers read this and they are hooked. The story is ripe to becoming an HBO show. I could see Vinnie Jones playing Billy Butcher.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Yeah right, they would never make a TV show out of something that kool.

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