BOYS #33

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  1. I’ve read the first six issues of the comic and a couple of others, but I fail to see what is supposed to be so great about this series or this issue.  I can see commentary, but for me it is constantly overshadowed by excessive violence and swearing.  I do not mind some excessive violence and swearing.  Some of Warren Ellis’ more interesting works has had this, but with Ennis he always goes overboard with it. To me it is little more than a vehicle for Ennis’ superhero hating progaganda like most of his work involving superheroes at all. 

    I also fail to see how The Boys are righteous superheroes.  They are as brutal as those they kill.  Butcher would be happy personally slaughtering all 100,000+ supers on the planet whether or not they did anything to deserve it.  The Frenchman and the Female are more than willing to brutally kill anyone who looks at them wrong.  Even Hughie to some extent is getting that way.  About the only difference is they are for the moment doing it to people who are (usually) as bad or worse then they are.  Besides Stormfront, what did the rest due to Butcher to derserve to be brutally killed?

    I understand the concept of the "flawed hero," but why does flawed in the minds of some people equal "complete monster."

  2. Note I said Ennis’s version. They are absolutely flawed heroes. Butcher would be happy murdering a million supes but thats like saying The Punisher would be happy murdering a million thugs. And really man? The rest of Payback for one was trying to kill them. I think that warrants Butcher killing them. I respect your opinion. They are righteous characters in the sense that they stick up for people who by other circumstances couldn’t defend themselves.

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