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Story by Nick Spencer
Art by Riley Rossmo
Cover by Frazer Irving & Riley Rossmo

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.50

Holy hell, this was a good fucking book! An easy pick of the week for me.

Finally, a book other than Proof that is suited for Rossmo’s unique art style and the colors by Irving were frickin spot on. They truly help the reader distinguish flashback scenes from scenes playing out in “real time” without even having to think about it.

Spencer’s character development is superb and truly allowed me to know what its like to be in the head of Madder Red. After reading this first issue, I truly believe that Madder Red is an evil son of a bitch.

Forgot the “Cyclops was Right” t-shirts, I want a “Madder Red was Right” shirt NOW!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Frazer Irving did the covers, not colours. Jean-Paul Csuka did the colouring.

  2. Heard good things so I picked it up. Wow! I wasn’t really ready for all that. Definitely 3.50 well spent.


    Don NOT read if you wish to avoid Spoilers contained herein below:

    I’d like to ask others what they think about this question: will this book continue to do well on the secondary market despite the fact that the subject matter is shocking and outrageous? That is to say that although many have spent hundreds of dollars on rare variant covers, will there be enough people to continue to sell out issues, enough people who are willing to read comics about these mature psychological, psychiatric problems namely about the psychopathy of a serial killer who murders and tortures innocent men, women and children? It is apparent to me that the writers are going to continue to devote a significant number of pages to other figures in the community (e.g., people in government, law enforcement and perhaps a super hero (who was introduced with little to no explanation in the first issue)). I also am wondering if Filmore Press is Madder Red or whether he is simply suffering from a delusion and Madder Red is on the lose. Alternatively, did the Mad Doctor introduced in the first issue convince Filmore that he was Madder Red or was something else going on there? I personally think that this comic has already done a lot of things that no other comic has done as well and that it will change the way that people tell stories in comic books in the future. Clearly we’ve never had a story focus on a psychopath from the point of view of a psychopath trying to resist his urges to commit violent, brutal murders. Similarly, we have never had a comic explore issues surrounding the efficacy of inter alia psychological treatment, criminal interdiction, politics, I do not believe that the subject matter will discourage readers or effect the price of rare variants and back issues in the secondary market. After all, comics like the Walking Dead often explored disgusting plot developments such as uber violence, mass murder, indiscriminate killing, rape, torture and disfigurement as a form of revenge. I really enjoyed this book and hope that you will encourage your friends to read it.

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