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Story by Dennis Hopeless
Art by Kev Walker
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Dave Johnson, Mike Perkins, & Skottie Young

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

The two things that guaranteed I would be reading this book were Kevin Walker on art, and that I read Avengers Academy from issue one. Kevin Walker does some amazing artwork here. I might not be familiar with all the characters yet, but they do all look like individuals and that’s important to this title. The story portion of the book was however heart breaking. It started with a flashback to the Academy and really just made me miss that title instantly, and I believe that Dennis Hopeless is a good enough writer that he too has an appreciation for the characters and that scene was a bit of a love letter to them. The middle of the title introduced us the concept of what this book will be and it’s antagonist, but it was the ending of the book that will prove decisive. Mettle from Avengers Academy sacrifices himself for Hazmat and if that sentence makes no sense to you I’m sorry. For me it was an act that caught me by surprise and left me a tad numb. I couldn’t continue reading my books, I had to take the time to write get these feelings out, because I’m bummed. Even though I feel this way I think Hopeless was bummed as well and I appreciate his writing of Mettle. I am going to keep reading I’m not sure what’s ahead, but the creators put enough love into this book to break my heart and yet keep me reading.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I must say I was going to pass on this purely because it’s bi-monthly but after your review I think I might get it.

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