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No offense to Geoff Johns, the demigod of the DCU but….

Grant Morrison writes the best Superman period. No if, ands, or buts; Morrison’s run on All Star is a much better Superman then John’s Action Comics run.

I feel bad praising Morrison so much, in terms that I have been defending him for months and I have yet to criticize the man. But can you blame me when he produces golden material like this?

This Silver Age feel of the Man of Steel just works perfectly. There is barely no problems with this entire 12 issue run by Morrison. The story gets more heavy and serious with this trade as well see Sups take his last steps before hitting the grave. It’s funny I said it’s serious here cause it starts out with almost a perfect Bizarro story. Usually Bizarro is a character(s) I have a hard time reading, but Morrison just does a great job using the Bizarro-talk in this two parter. Them singing towards the end just had me laugh out loud. Other story plots like the other Krypton survivors, to the eventual Luthor confrontation is just great. The only bad thing I can say about this series is that….there’s no need for a hint of a sequal. This story is so perfect that if Morrison or anyone else try to do more with this series; then I will be upset. Don’t get me wrong, I will still pick it up if a sequal is true; but overall this series doesnt need something like that.

Quitely is a man that I have been very indifferent about threw out my comic life. Probably the strangest style of art you could see in an artist. His style is just surreal in nature; I cant imagine the man doing anything else other then bizarre series whether indie or mainstream. His character designs are good to look at and his background, just gorgeous. My only problem with the guy is his faces. The bodies are good but somethings humans look pretty damn ugly and it takes me out of the experience sometimes. But in this volume it stands out a bit more good then bad, but some shots of Lane or Olsen is too alien.

Everyone complains that Morrison should do more straight-forward stories then what he has done in RIP or FC. Well to me, no matter what style of writing Morrison does; it’s almost perfect. I’m not gonna say everything the man does is good; Seaguy is a series that still puzzles the hell out of me. But what this Superman story has done has just proved that Morrison can provide the comic book reader any type of story he wants. Plus he can still make it almost as perfect as a comic can get.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Next Champ, how man issues in this HC, I saw it at the store today and almost picked it up but it looked light in page count for 19.99. Is it a full 6 issues?

  2. @Jack: Yes but it’s the second volume. So the first 6 issues are in the other volume.

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