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Writer : Grant Morrison
Artist : Rick Bryant

Size: 20 pages
Price: 3.99

Grant Morrison has done some fun and interesting things with Superman in his thus-far 12-issue run on Action Comics.

Issue 12, though not particularly fun, was certainly…interesting. And not in a good way.

My biggest problem with the writing in this particular issue is a reflection of the problem many fans notice with Superman: when there’s trouble, it’s just too easy for him to get out of.

The danger Superman faces in issue 12 is serious enough to be completely compelling; the resolution of the danger almost reads like every parody of Superman you’ve ever read.

I was really disappointed with Morales’ art, too. In general, I think he draws a terrific Clark. But his Superman often looks to me like a teenager rather than a man (even a young one). And while I enjoyed Morales’ art early on in this run (I loved the portrayal of early Superman as a jeans-and-t-shirt superhero), Morales really seems to struggle drawing the new Kryptonian armor/uniform Morrison has created for Superman.

And worse, at several points during the issue, Superman’s body appears completely out of proportion. Another major DC character appears towards the end of the issue, and he also looks out of proportion.

Given Morrison’s talent and some of the flair he’s shown to date on this run, issue 12 is a real disappointment.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. This issue has convinced me to drop all of the Superman titles from my pull list. I was hoping that the new 52 Superman would reenergize what should be the flagship character for DC comics. Instead, we quickly got stories that had little interest for readers. I hung on to Action Comics even though I wasn’t particularly enjoying the stories (c’mon, surely I’m not the only one who thought that they just stole old Spider-man plots and just changed Pete to Clark). I hung in because I saw potential for great stories. However, after Action #12 I am done. It was a lackluster story, with a jaw droppingly cliche resolution to Clark’s “death”. I’m done with what appears to me to be lazy storytelling for an iconic character. Justice League; I’ve got my eyes on you too. You’re on the bubble!

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