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Word Balloon Podcast – Paul Jenkins

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Paul Jenkins joins us to discuss his upcoming Deadman arc kicking off the new DC Universe Presents starting in September. We also talk about several new Marvel mini-series that begin this week. Ka-Zar, Captain America, The All Winners Squad and a series of Thor one shots. Jenkins has interesting character challenges for all, and shares his point of view on telling stories for each of these heroes.

We also talk about past works like The Sentry: Fallen Sun and Captain Marvel's Civil War: The Return. Paul gives eye opening perspective on how a writer starts telling one story that becomes something quite different after the Marvel Universe status quo changes. Plus Paul has news about a new The Darkness video game, and other projects like the upcoming web series Shelf Life.



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  1. I have to wonder -how up on world events is your average Cockney?

  2. Can’t wait to listen this!  Thanks, John.

  3. “Sentry: Fallen Sun” is talked about?!  Josh of iFanboy HHAAAAAATES that book!!  You hear that Jenkins?!  He HAAAAAATES that book!

  4. Great show, it was a nice way to hear his opinion on the Sentry situation,

  5. @KickAss  yes, I know. I was able to talk to Paul about the story, and get an interesting explanation.

  6. Existentialist Deadman…? I’m sold.

  7. @ericmci 

    who’s the cockney?

  8. Bravo John for actually asking about Fallen Sun. I NEVER thought that would be mentioned in Paul Jenkins presence, ever. I doubt that many people ever stopped to think about how much editorial had to do with the whole debacle. 

  9. I have to listen to that Fallen Sun bit right now!!!! where is it in the interview????

  10. Haven’t had a chance to hang with Paul in over a decade, but remember him as a nice guy and still a heck of a good writer.  Well…let’s not talk about “Sentry: Fallen Sun”, okay?  We all have our bad days.

  11. @360Logic  I usually dont ask about poorly recieved stories, because I know each writer tries to tell a good story, but I thought it wasn’t as bad as some of my freinds here think ;), plus I do think that Marvel and BENDIS! made a sharp turn from Jenkins original ideas for The Sentry.

    To me FS was Jenkins saying good bye to his Sentry. The character was one big retcon, so to complain about relationships revealed at the funeral kind of misses the original point of the character.

  12. @wordballoon  That presumes that there wasn’t something wrong with the orignal point of the character.

  13. @josh: What was “wrong” is what John pointed out, he was conceptually one big retcon of a story, and that’s what divided many fans opinions and turned it into a debate. Most people hated the very idea of the Sentry, and thus found Fallen Sun to be the ultimate final offense. But I think John’s point is if you liked the idea of the Sentry through out most of his story arc, then Fallen Sun seems less of an offense than it does a missed opportunity. 

  14. I really enjoyed this Ep, @worldballoon.  It was great to hear his take on various things, his Thor sounds really cool. 

  15. @josh  I’ll stand by my affection for both of the Sentry mini series. Maybe cause I’m not as much of a dyed in the wool marvel fan, I didn’t object to the retcons. 

    I thought the whole “oh, we discovered this lost  unknown 60’s original marvel bullpen hero” stunt was BS, but I liked the first story, especialy the idea that sentry’s golden aura calmed the Hulk. 

    That similar DC hero of the 90’s meant nothing to me either way, so I didn’t pay much attention to him. 

  16. @wordballoon  I am not one beholden to tradition by any means. I don’t care about retcons. I didn’t think it was good. Inhumans remains one of my favorite stories of all time, but the Sentry just didn’t do it for me. I wanted it to, very much so.

  17. @josh: Did you say you swore off from Jenkins stories thanks to ‘Fallen Sun’ or was that just the heat of the moment?

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