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Word Balloon Podcast – DC 52 Talk With John Rood, James Robinson, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado & Rod Reis

Show Notes

This edition of Word Balloon is all about the DC universe.

First John Rood joins us to breakdown the November numbers from Diamond as the new 52 propels DC to another winning month. The gap between DC and Marvel is narrowing. Rood gives us an idea of what the buying trends are now that there is 3 months of New 52 data to examine. Plus, we get some demographics from The Nielsen surveys DC conducted with consumers.

Then James Robinson joins us for his first full length WB chat. Robinson explains how he got into reading American comic books growing up in London. We discuss The Shade series, and his exploration of this new DC Universe. Plus we look back on his recent runs on Superman, and The Justice League. James explains his ideas of characterization for heroes Like Donna Troy, villains like Solomon Grundy, and fan reactions to those choices.

Finally, we have a transcontinental talk with the entire Brazilian art team on Aquaman. Penciller Ivan Reis, inker Joe Prado, and colorist Rod Reis talk about the Brazilian comics scene, and why they chose to go from working on Green Lantern to Aquaman. Despite speaking in a 2nd language rather than their native portuguese, all three creators conduct a very nuanced and complex conversation discussing their art and love of certain characters with full command of the English language.


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  1. Great interview with James Robinson! Exactly the right questions.

  2. Great interviews. I really like the Aquateam

  3. That was a nice lineup of interviews. Robinson is always interesting and it’s nice to hear from new voices like the Aquateam.

  4. Fantastic John!!!! Especially the Aquateam! You got to get them back in the future. What’s cool about them is that I can see their positive energy all over the Aquaman series. Aquaman is definitely a fun read! And by the way, Happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoyed brother. Take care and thank you for another great Word Balloon!

  5. Really enjoyed this! Quick question what book is James Robinson talking about for the inspiration of the Shade character? I can’t understand what he says, it sounds like a book i want to check out. Thanks.

    • he believed It was a post crisis issue of The Flash #19 written by William Messner Loebs

    • Thanks but i am pretty sure he was talking about a book he had read sounded like he said Goyanna or Micha Book? He said the main character influenced Shade and he was not sure what time the book was set it in. Thanks for the help.

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