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Reprint: iFanboy #100 – iFanboy’s First Comics

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When you have been reading comic books for almost your entire life it’s hard to pin down exactly which ones were the earliest and most influential, but this week on iFanboy the guys do the best to try!

Ron tells us about his discovery of the X-Men via Excalibur #19 when he was in middle school.

Josh stumbles upon Wolverine #1 and The Amazing Spider-Man #315 while in the drug store when he was 12 years old.

Conor sought out some entertainment in Justice League #5 & 6 while stuck on a family road trip when he was 10.

Nostalgia runs high this week on iFanboy!


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  1. As I said in the original printing, my first comics were Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

  2. Dare Devil Man without fear miniseries by Frank Miller and John Rimota Jr.

    I’d say my taste has improved, but there is no taste to be found in that book, though I will say I have some now, and am a proud DC Elitist who is willing to read Marvel Books.

  3. G.I. Joe #21. The silent issue. Matching Arashikage Clan tattoos. I was hooked.

  4. Hey I actually have an important question for Ron with this episode.

    Now in this episode you say that Excalibur #19 was your first comic, maybe not ever but you say it was. But if I remember correctly, you said waaaaaaaayyyyy back in the GI Joe episode that there was a GI Joe as your definite first. So which is it?

    ……Sorry that is some nerdy shit right there. lol

  5. @TNC: Ron has always claimed that EXCALIBUR was the first comic that got him into comics as a regular reader. That’s what the show is about, not our very first comics, but the first comic that made us regular readers.

  6. A co-worker who knew I was a Whedon fan bought me the TPB of the first Astonishing X-Men arc. My first single issue was Astonishing X-Men #15. ‘Twas back in June 2006, and I was but a wee lad of 27.


  7. what Conor said

  8. @conor/ron: Thanks for clearing that up. Cause it did confuse me when I saw the GI Joe show.

    Then again, it shows just how much I cared about Ifanboy continuity……Ugh. What am I? A devout Simpsons fan!?

    "No that is not true Ron Richards! Your first comic was GI Joe!"

  9. Ninja Turtles for me. Especially their version of the OHOTMU. I read and re-read those books for years. 

  10. Kingdom Come was where it all started for me eight years ago.  I avoided issues for as long as possible out of fear that it’d consume me.  Finally this spring I decided I’d ONLY jump onto Flash: Rebirth and Green Lantern in issues, and, well, that didn’t last very long, so I’d have to give Flash: Rebirth #1 a nod for getting me into issue-buying.

  11. I was in sweet,sweet LOVE with my Uncanny X-men#175-Claremont, Paul Smith art Cyclops Vs. the whole team!!!Even fought with my friend because he wanted to read it !Still have it and it’s my HOLY GRAIL of my collection

  12. Sweet re-watch! Really cool show.

    My first comic with impact was either "The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Calculus Affair" or Batman "Daughter of the Demon" w/ Oneil and Adams.

  13. Civil War #2… d’oh!

    The very 1st comic I owned (or first that was purchased for me since it came out the year I was born, unless my parents got it as a back issue for me) was Batman #423.

  14. The Incredible Hulk #314 was my first comic. It’s the only comic in my possession that I would NEVER part with…

  15. my mom was a silver age dc comic fangirl, so she bought action, superman, and superboy in the 70s for my brother and me.  she also got us a supscription to the Spidey Super Stories put out by Marvel and Cirldren’s Televevision Workshop.   But the comic that started it all for me a as a collectro in my own right was X-Men 173.  Wolvie running forward snikty snikt ready to go with teenage Rogue in the background in that awful version 1.0 green and white costume.  I get nostalgic chills just thinking about it.


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