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Pick of the Week #529 – Black Science #21

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It just took one panel with two ridiculous guns to make Ron Richards lose it. Meanwhile, Conor Kilpatrick goes deep in sitcom lore to pull out some Hearts Afire. And Josh Flanagan? Well Josh wrestles with what he’d do when faced with an interdimensional doppelgänger and celebrates Family Ties. Not quite Pretentious Art-House German, but still fun is had.

Running Time: 01:02:21

Pick of the Week:
00:01:37 – Black Science #21

00:09:40 – Captain America: Sam Wilson #7
00:17:11 – Daredevil #5
00:23:13 – Four Eyes: Hearts of Fire #3
00:29:57 – Revival #38
00:31:32 – Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #5
00:33:08 – All-New X-Men #7

Star Wars Corner:
00:36:12 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #17

Comics News:
00:38:49 – DC Rebirth discussion.

Audience Questions:
00:54:58 – Ryan from Worcester is curious if one moment in a story can ruin a character for us?

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  1. I don’t think “Batman v Superman” has permanently ruined Superman for me, but I tried to calm my jangled nerves by reading “Birthright” and couldn’t get through it. I couldn’t even look at Jimmy Olsen without thinking of Zack Snyder’s “fun” announcement. The “Rebirth” line-up might not be revolutionary, but it did my mental health a world of good to see Dan DiDio admit to his mistakes. I only hope he passes what he’s learned onto David Goyer.

  2. First off- Is Ron drunk?

    Second- All New X-Men
    It seems like Hopless has a board labeled- What Young People do, throws a dart each issue and makes sure to prominently feature that.
    Has tinder shown up yet?
    When this happens it feels just obvious- and like it’s being written by a much older writer who is desparate to show he’s hip.

    Vlogs? Really?
    Next issue the All New X-Men go to Vidcon!

  3. Conor, what do you think of the Superman creative team, (don’t think I heard it mentioned) Tomasi and Gleason writing the pre-flashpoint Superman that is married to lois and has a son.

    • I am more interested in, than excited about, the Superman books.

    • I’ve been surprised there has been no mention anywhere about Hitch no longer drawing a JL book. I must have been the only person on the planet enjoying his JLA (one of DC’s few books I was still reading). His writing/drawing on that was completely working for me, but once they moved him to the main JL book, I only heard crickets.

  4. I’m looking forward to most of the bat and supes lines, the justice league and titans stuff not so much. Wonder Woman looks great and I have high hopes for flash as I like Williamson.

    Marvel is teasing death of X for the fall which i’m pretty sure is just going to be them finally revealing the death of old cyclops.

    I’m pretty sure Alfred will see his hand restored soon with the return of Bruce.

  5. I’m SUPER excited for Rebirth. I’m going to try all the titles with the exception of Lobdel’s Red Hood (which is a shame because I would REALLY love to read a book w/ Jason Todd in it, but won’t touch ANYTHING Lobdel writes anymore), and possibly Suicide Squad or Harley’s book. I don’t have anything against those last 2 books, I like all the creators, but I may pick them up in trades, vs. individual issues. We haven’t had a comic store in my area for about 8 years now, but they just built a 2nd and charles that will do pull lists for the comics section, so I’m stoked. What do you think about the Detective Comics format Conner? I’m excited for the team bat angle, especially since Tim is in a better costume. Hopefully they can bring back the personality of Tim from pre-flashpoint, I really miss him.

    • I think that Tynion is a really solid writer but he hasn’t done anything yet that has really wowed me. I’m hoping that DETECTIVE is it.

      The thing about DETECTIVE, though, is that Tim has a dumbass double-R on the chest of his admittedly much better costume which means they are still going with him as Red Robin and presumably that terrible timeline that makes no sense.

      We’ll see!

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Did Ron lift the embargo on discussing the Mets? They’re about to play the Royals again.

  7. I agree to a point Conner, I am hoping that they do away with the stupid 5 years thing that made no sense for Batman and treat his career as Red Robin as an extension to his pre-flashpoint Red Robin series.

  8. @conor. I’ve never read anything from or heard of Hope Larson. I Googled her and didn’t see much at all comic-wise. What excites you about her? Is it more RA drawing Batgirl?

  9. I have signed up for a “pull list” on comixology
    The first time I have ever bought issues as they have come out. Normally I only buy trades and hard covers.

    I will get the rebirth special. The rebirth issues of batman superman and wonder woman. Then I subscribed for
    Detective comics
    All star batman

    I will also try the hellblazer when it comes out. I would love to read a good green lantern but nothing really grabs me so far.

  10. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Conor, in case you want a refresher on Power Girl’s son – https://ifanboy.com/articles/dc-histories-power-girl/

    And #joshratings because I want all you guys vetting all these series before I buy them in trade. Also, forcing Josh to do something makes him slightly cranky and that’s good podcasting right there.

    • Honestly I have listened to every episode of the POTW, some episodes two or three times. Any my favorite schtick is, “ratings” … “ratings”.

      Cracks me up every time.


  11. The beginning of the song sounds like the theme from Cheers.

  12. I’m largely quite meh about DC: Rebirth so far but I’m surprised you guys aren’t more excited about Wonder Woman. That looks really promising and you really can’t go wrong too wrong with Rucka and Nicola Scott.

  13. @Ron I was surprised to not hear your excitement with Humphries on Green Lantern. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve enjoyed his work in the past.

  14. Just wanted to chime in about Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. As Josh pointed out, it’s not really a book for most of us. I have a colleague at school though, whose young African American daughter (about six years old) hangs around the science department. When I saw this book, I knew I had to get it for her. I gave her the first issue, and she was thankful, but unsure about it. Every month since then, she gets super excited when she comes to collect the next issue from me. For that reason alone, I’m glad this book exists. I know it won’t be around for long, but until it goes away, I’ll have that one kid’s excitement of seeing a character just like her in comics.

  15. So Conor, if the Jonathan Hickman JLA rumor is true, how would you feel about that? I hope it’s true, I would buy the heck out of that book. As much as I loved what he did on Avengers, I can’t imagine what he could do with the expansive DC concepts of space and time.

    • Is is JLA? I thought it was Legion

    • What rumor? Did people take his joke on Twitter seriously?

    • Apparently. When I went to Gem City Comic Con in Dayton this weekend people were speaking as if it were fact. I took it for fact as well due to their confidence. I’m assuming that’s not the case?

    • He made an obvious joke on Twitter about coming to DC:


      A couple of comics media people fell for it.

      Now, if the DC editors are worth their salt I’m sure they did reach out to him–possibly even after that tweet, I would–but knowing Hickman and knowing that he left Marvel to focus on his creator owned work (that’s where his heart is), I’d be pretty shocked if he showed up at DC any time soon.

    • There was a conspiracy that his recent seeming absence and tardiness were a result of him stockpiling scripts for a DC book. Sad, I would love to see him tackle JLA one day. Oh well.

  16. Does anyone know what Babs Tarr is doing now that she’s off Batgirl

  17. I watched the DC Rebirth livestream as well, and was surprised how optimistic it made me for this shift in direction! Lots of interesting creative teams in place. I was really taken with John Semper Jr.’s fast pitch for Cyborg – it sounds like this guy really knows cerebral sci fi, and his animation resume tells me he certainly knows fun. Excited for the Cyborg title in September 🙂

  18. I’m cautiously optimistic for the rebirth. My main worry is the twice monthly schedule for some of the books. I’m always nervous when multiple artists are attached.

  19. I’d say cautious optimism with the DC Rebirth is kind of where I am as well. As always I will gravitate more towards creative teams than I do specific characters. Based on this I have my eye on The Flash, Batman (I’m pretty confident that Tom King will nail this one), All-Star Batman, Action Comics (though this one I will give a short leash), Supergirl (Orlando on Midnighter has been fantastic), Superman, Wonder Woman…only 7 books…not a lot I realize, but…

    Overall I just don’t like how DC appears to be a rudderless ship. Where is the leadership? One that has a creative vision, a plan of implementation, and then the nerve to stick to that plan. There was Flashpoint, which leads to the New 52, which then gives way to Rebirth…ugh. Enough. Enough spitting on your finger to see which way the wind is blowing with fans. Just do what you believe is right for your creators and for your characters. Fans will come and go, and you’ll never satisfy everyone. If the product shows strength and consistency, the fans will be there.

    I just hope for the best. A strong DC, Marvel, Image, Valiant, Boom, etc, is great for us all.

    And finally, great show as always gentlemen. The three of you I lean on most heavily for insights and just flat out wonderful comic book discussion.

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