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Pick of the Week #513 – Jupiter’s Circle, Vol. 2 #1

Show Notes

With Josh Flanagan missing, and despite both of them being sick and only getting sicker as the show progresses, Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick bring you this special Thanksgiving episode!

Running Time: 00:49:49

Pick of the Week:
00:01:33 – Jupiter’s Circle, Vol. 2 #1

Comics:Jupiters Circle_Vol2_1
00:09:25 – The Dark Knight Returns III: The Master Race #1
00:13:46 – Archie #4
00:17:05 – Silk #1
00:21:12 – The Fade Out #11
00:25:00 – Justice League of America #5
00:26:14 – Ringside #1
00:27:50 – Silver Surfer #15
00:30:05 – Saga #31

Star Wars Corner:
00:31:22 – Star Wars: Darth Vader #13

Audience Questions:
00:33:19 – Dan from Washington, DC disagrees with the iFanboys on the current state of comic books.
00:39:51 – Jacen wants to know which comics from the last five years will end up on the iFanboys’ shelves.
00:42:40 – Tyler from New York paid a big time artist for a piece at NYCC and has not yet received his commission.

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“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
Darlene Love


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  1. Man, I’m behind in reading The Fade Out though I’ve enjoyed it.

    Just finished reading the graphic novel by Peter Kuper called Ruins. It’s worth a read, as are his other comics. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mention him, but he’s an independent comic creator I’ve enjoyed following throughout the years.

    I don’t know if you’re watching the Netflix created series, Jessica Jones, but I saw the first episode last night and enjoyed it. I think NF is one of those that gets super heroes right. I might also mention their anime, Knights of Sidonia, is fairly interesting too.

    Stock up on chicken soup. Hey get well soon.

  2. DK3 is eight issues.

    I just read DK2 in single issues and each of those was about 80 pages. This new one is WAY shorter. Maybe 30 pages before the minicomic, which is maybe my main complaint. For a Dark Knight issue it felt over before it started.

    • I loved the insane energy in DK2 and giving the new comic a contemporised setting and pretty bog-standard 2010s comic book art is a bit of a bummer.

      I do appreciate that it seems like almost every major character will be a woman. Who would’ve thunk that?

  3. Was reading Saga in a coffee shop, you’d think after 30 issues I’d know better to read in public but nope.

  4. I have to hand it to Slott for just saying eff U to Secret Wars in Silver Surfer.
    I mean it’s not just Earth that was remade it was the Universe so- being in space wouldn’t be much protection.
    But kind of ballsy to run with that idea.

  5. Probably shouldn’t call it ‘Lady’ Thor
    That being said Jane Foster has the power of Thor- she’s not Thor.
    Thor is a name not a title.
    Still bugs me that Aaron writes it that way.

  6. I am worth approximately 11 minutes.

  7. Conor sounded like his dna was unraveling, I felt awful for him.

  8. Multiversity Deluxe, Sandman Overture, Hawkeye Omnibus, Fury Max Deluxe. I *think* that’s all I have from the last 5 years of Big Two offerings. New Avengers omni is on my wishlist, and I’ve got Superior Foes pre-ordered. I’ll be happy to pick up a Snyder/Capullo Batman omnibus, as well as an Azzarello WW omni, both of which I think are inevitable. I’d also buy Waid’s Daredevil, Aaron’s Thor, and Wilson’s Ms. Marvel, in the event those get omnibized.

    It was an interesting question. I would have guessed there was more good, recent stuff out there from the B2.

    • *I meant to say Young Avengers

    • I was also thinking about Fury Max and Multiversity while they were discussing that question.
      I’ll also be hanging onto my collection of Warren Ellis’s Moon Knight, and those first 12 issues of Silver Surfer Conor referred to wouldn’t look bad in a hardcover on my shelf either. I’m also looking forward to Weirdworld getting a nice collection.

      But I’ll admit a general sense of Big 2 ennui. I’m pretty much taking the All-New, All-Different relaunch as a jumping-off point for every Big 2 book that isn’t Silver Surfer.

    • I totally have FURY MAX and THE MULTIVERSITY hardcovers on my shelves too.

    • Upon closer perusal of my cheap sagging shelves, I also have Aaron’s Wolverine & the X-Men and Remender’s Uncanny X-Force omni. Uncanny X-Force mostly falls within our given time frame, I think.

      @MisterKyleW: If that Moon Knight run gets an oversized hardcover treatment, I’ll jump on it for sure. Good call.

  9. Any of you guys pick up Our Expanding Universe? I got it last week and thought it was fantastic.

    • Hadn’t finished the episode when I posted, heard you both picked it up. Any chance of a discussion on it in the future? I miss the Book of the Month though I understand it’s a lot of work. Also would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on Two Brothers.

  10. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Last night on AMC’s The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman fans got an Easter Egg, Invincible Mini-Mates toys. Omni-Man, Invincible himself, Atom-Eve, and Allan the Alien were collected in the bedroom of a poor little boy who’s struggling to cope with the impossible situation of living among the walking dead. Good episode.

  11. I wanted to offer some advice to the listener who’s waiting for the sketch. Tweet the artist about it- not in an accusatory way but just ‘did you get my email re commission? thanks’. I just had a similar situation but 10 months later with an artist who is kind of a legend but notorious for artistic timelines, and the tweet has him replying to the email! Eureka!

    Saga should still be on the shelf. I would add Superior Spider-Man to Thor God of Thunder, Hawkeye and Moon Knight.

    And nothing from the Hickman run…? We would have said so in the early summer I bet…

    • “I wanted to offer some advice to the listener who’s waiting for the sketch. Tweet the artist about it…”

      The email said “I have yet to get any responses via email or Twitter from him regarding a sketch.”

      “Saga should still be on the shelf.”

      SAGA is for sure. That one fell under the umbrella of “If I’ve talked about an Image book and liked it, it’s on my shelf.”

  12. Great show this week though super missed Josh. No offense to Ron and Conner but Josh is the life of that party. That said lots of good talk about the Renaissance question. I think people are confusing a Renaissance with an important Era or Age. Definitely I think we are part of a new age though on the tail end of it. There was the Golden Age in the 30s and 40s, the Silver Age sometimes called the Age of Marvel in the 60s Whatever some call it there was the Adult Age of the 80s and 90s. I think we are definitely in an important age, its the corporately owned Era. Book sales are up all over the place because of the mainstream success of other media, and there has been some great writers. My theory is in the next 10 years the kids that grew up in this era of comics that might have turned to film, television, or other creative media will begin to turn to comics as their creative outlet and we will have another era, call it the filmschool era of comics. Definitely agree with all of you about the mainstream stuff. Marvel before secret wars had a random collection of really good stuff but the overall trend bummed me out. DC had Red Lanterns and Batgirl and everything else made me want to carve my eyes out with a plastic spoon. Image is amazing, I’m on Southern bastards, Saga, Fade Out, Phonogram, Airboy and so many more. Great episode as always. Feel better guys

  13. I would suggest trying to be patient with the headsketch, some of these artists are very busy. Some artists also don’t generally do at home commissions because they have motivation issues but harassing them may motivate them to do something, it may not be something that would be as good as if you were patient with them. I just had a Psylocke commission take 4 months and I have had a few other pieces of work take longer but I have never not received my work eventually. But yea it is an awkward situation for sure, good luck.

    Most artists at this point want payment prior to starting the work. Mahmud Asrar was the only artist I paid at the show this year.

    I would add Gillen Kid Loki JiM, Soule She-Hulk and JH/Blackman Batwoman as trades to have on the shelf.

    Silk has been a good book from the start but it suffers a bit when Stacey Lee isn’t on art duties.

  14. Josh down!

  15. “VADER DOWN!” is Ron’s new “REMY ZERO!”

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