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Pick of the Week #485 – Rebels #2

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan talk about the week that was in comics. But if what you’re really looking for is an in-depth report on the current medical status of Josh’s dog… this is the show for you.

Running Time: 00:59:00

Pick of the Week:
00:01:31 – Rebels #2

Comics:Rebels #2
00:10:50 – Astro City #23
00:14:12 – Secret Wars #2
00:18:40 – Injection #1
00:22:15 – Mythic #1
00:25:58 – Black Science #14
00:27:58 – Copperhead #7
00:29:00 – Thor #8
00:31:47 – Ms. Marvel #15
00:34:52 – Birthright #7

Audience Questions:
00:36:30 – Adam M. has a theory about the plot of Captain America: Civil War.
00:41:12 – Dave from Denver, CO is looking for indie comics in the style of R. Crumb.
00:46:17 – Different Dave offers up a jam art piece challenge.

“In the Air Tonight”
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  1. What is that- Velvet?

  2. Re: Civil War movie plot.

    I think they were kind of hinting that the story will be more about whether or not Super Heroes should EXIST/be controlled, not so much identity. The way Stark was talking about how it should be automated, how “isnt the point so we can end this?” kind of stuff. I think the gov’t/Stark are going to move to make Super Heroes a no-longer thing.

    My guess anyways.

    • My guess, and I think that this is where “Agents of SHIELD” is going to play a big role, is that there’s going to be an explosion of supers/Inhumans (if you saw the finale of AoS, you’ve seen one possible way of making it happen), Spider-Man being one of them. SHIELD already has “The Registry,” classifying “Enhanced” (Deathlok, Cap, Spider-Man, Hulk, Ant-Man, maybe even Daredevil if they want to reach into that realm) and something like “Innate” (Skye, Thor I guess, other Inhumans, maybe Scarlet Witch unless hers were caused by genetic tinkering). My guess is the Registry goes public and becomes part of the US bureaucracy, akin to the Mutant Registration Act. Now you’ve got the whole “they’re not like us” angle, a perfect way to pop in Zemo as a Hate-Monger type figure. Cap, of course, having lived through the Holocaust, has seen this movie before and doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. Tony, however, has seen what unchecked power can do, and maybe also sees this as his retirement plan (“superheroing is a game for the young, oh look, a whole new crop of young people”). I’m going to guess that the kick-off event is going to occur on AoS; something will happen there, akin to the Stamford Incident, and it will create the call for this. Throw in, finally, the revelation that Coulson’s alive and has been running his own team for the last three years behind Cap’s back, and you’ve got serious mistrust issues. The fact that Skye says she wants to run a team of Inhumans on the down-low makes me think that this is all building up to the plot of Civil War.

  3. Civil War: My guess is that it will be an issue between Steve and Tony about how much government oversight/control there should be over the Avengers, and superheroes more generally. Stark will be pro-more control and Steve will be pro-no control. My bet is that by the end of it SHIELD will rise to oversee but not control superheroes. Of course now that Spider-Man characters are in play… I can’t help but think how cool it would be for Osborn to use the Civil War as a justification for creating HAMMER. The only problem with that theory is where do they fit the HAMMER storyline in considering we know what the next eleven films will be.

    As for comics, Secret Wars #2 was so amazing! I loved every second of it. I wish the Cabal never had to be released and Battle World could be our status quo for a long while!

    Can I just say, I have zero interest in the Convergence titles and, from the looks of it, you guys don’t either. I cannot wait until we get past this event and get back to normalcy. The two month wait is literally killing me.

  4. Rebels: I turned the page and Wow! Not only do I live in Grand Isle, as far as I can tell the site of the battle is about 1000 meters offshore from my front yard! Never had that happen before. (Josh, if you ever decide to bicycle in the Islands, let me know.)

    Geographic connection aside, a great issue.

  5. After hearing it mentioned on here, I went back to find that “gorilla with a machine gun” episode. It was the best!


    THEN AGAIN this episode made me laugh too, with “Don’t be patting yourself on the back different Dave.”

    Great episode!

    • Yes, it’s got Game of Thrones written all over it and the comic is pretty goddam bad ass.Add wonderful artwork and you got a knock out on your hands.

  6. @Denver Dave: I also miss the old indie ‘Comix’ tone. I think Julia Wertz captures that style well: semi to full on autobiographical, funny, sad, tragic, slice a life, et cetera. Check out ‘Drinking at the Movies’ and the ‘Infinite Wait’. Great samples on her website: http://www.juliawertz.com/category/comics/

    Anyone know of a website or podcast that reviews these types of ‘comix’ ?

    • re: website/podcast reviewing indie “comix”

      until someone with actual knowledge comes around…
      you can try Inkstuds podcast
      Its an interview podcast with these type of creators, though not a review show .
      So not exactly a “Hey this is the best thing out this month” but you learn about new creators and their work. And most creators put work out sporadically and in stand alone chunks so staying up to date isn’t that pressing. It still gives me plenty new things to check out.
      Just be sure to abandon any hope of those clear iFanboy high fidelity sounds before listening.

      adsv …gve 8q34yg;hhhhS C45Y 5H4GBK NCXAEXXS DTBB SA4E2SDTRSXSV M

      that was my cat’s suggestion, which you may want to try as she is the smarter of the two of us.

  7. Don’t know if anyone cares but I find this list interesting: http://www.marvelmasterworks.com/resources/kirby_chronology.html.

    It breaks down Kirby’s Marvel work month by month and totals up the number of pages. It looks like his highest month was in September of 1947 when Kirby produced 152 pages.

  8. Great show. Rebels probably woulda been my pick too.

    Just because the question got me thinking, here’s my choices for the 5 character/artist jam piece. I’d go with a modern Marvel Knights piece: The Punisher/Mitch Gerads, Moon Knight/Declan Shalvey, Black Widow/Phil Noto, Daredevil/Chris Samnee & Hawkeye/David Aja.

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