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Pick of the Week #197 – The Marvels Project #1

Show Notes

Conor’s still off gallivanting around God knows where, so we’ve got to fill in somehow, and luckily, there was a stray podcaster by the name of Tom Katers who happened to be hanging around, so we pulled him him. Ron and Josh agree on almost nothing this episode, and Tom just wants more gorillas with rifles.

Running Time: 01:03:19

Pick of the Week:
00:02:15 – Always a bastion of controversy, Josh has no qualms about his Pick of the Week: The Marvels Project #1.

00:10:40 – All agree that Adventure Comics #504 or #1 (whichever) was damn fine.
00:16:55 – Blackest Night #2 is more dead character fun!
00:19:43 – Blackest Night: Batman #1 had a lot of Deadman. That’s a good thing.
00:23:39 – Wednesday Comics #6… gorilla with a gun and a shellphone.
00:30:40 – Does it matter that the world is rebuilt in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 and The Avengers #1?
00:36:00 – Are we talking about The Incredible Hercules #132 on iFanboy? What’s going on?!
00:38:24 – Ron can’t not talk about Uncanny X-Men #514.
00:39:43 – Ron really can’t not talk about X-Men Forever #5. He tried though.
00:42:40 – Bulldog vs. Titan in Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers #4.
00:43:33 – G.I. Joe Helix Special is more good Joe stuff. Who’da thunk?
00:44:05 – Despite the title, Ron fell for it in Red Herring #1.
00:45:47 – Good Howard Chaykin on Dominic Fortune #1.

User Reviews:
00:47:11 – Bedhead is very down with Fables #87, and he’s not the only one.

00:51:30 – Jordan wants to know who is the strongest cosmic Marvel character out there. We check the sane and insane answers to that question. One is more fun.

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“Oxford Comma”
Vampire Weekend



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  1. Tom Katers on iFanboy on Mad Men Day? This is great!

  2. any1 else having probs downloading?and its not up on itunes

  3. same here.  The episode isnt downloading.



  4. Not dowloading for me neither.


    I’ll wait 

  5. Katers, fantastic!

  6. Can’t wait.


    I think the download problem is part of the Libsyn.com site. 

  7. download link should be ok now…sorry about that

  8. Thanks Ron!  I’m excited to hear the lastest summary of X-Men Forever,

  9. Thanks Ron!

  10. Thanks! is working fine now

  11. Working now thanks ron p.s I’D LOVE LOVE LOVE a ron vs x-man forever podcast be some great stuff

  12. Mine is working but from looking up top, only half the show is gonna be interesting.  Who the hell cares about Hercules and GI Joe…?

  13. That painterly look to the Adventure Comics you guys are talking about is all Manapul.  He did these pages as test pages with an ink wash, and Geoff liked it so much that he wrote the pages into the story, and Manapul continued with the wash. 

    The color is most likely a bit of an overlay and the wash gives it that painterly look.  Just wanted Manapul to get his full credit.  He’s effin amazing and his DeviantArt gallery is to die for!



  14. Here’s the link to that spread he did.  Beautiful.  http://manapul.deviantart.com/art/Adventure-Comics-1-pg-2n3-120979350

  15. iFanboy Pick of the week Podcast- Episode 197

    WOO HOO!

    oh, wait….wrong show.

  16. Tom Katers on the podcast today? Happy birthday to me.

    Plus Incredible Herc is being discussed!? YAY!!!

  17. Awesome show guys.

    That Wednesday Comics discussion was hillarious. You guys should get Tom Katers on more often.

  18. tom katers is the galactus of comics podcasting.

  19. The fact that Conner got cock blocked by Krypto. "I think Superman’s mom made it." I love this book. Can’t wait for him to meet Cassie and Tim. Apparently he’ll meet Tim in the third issue of World’s Finest and that won’t happen in this book. Dang.

  20. Ha ha. A little obvious there.

     Happy Birthday, TNC.


    Excellent show, boys

  21. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Kamandi strip is the first thing I read each week. I’d murder three strangers and a relative to get an original page.  

  22. *scoots away from Paul*

  23. I’m telling you, shell phones are the next big thing.  Aquaman is riding the wave of the future.


    See what I did there?

  24. "Communism was just a red herring"

  25. Thank you Josh for pointing out that there are people like myself who are still pissed about brand new day. At least this Peter still fucking acts like he used to!

  26. Now when Josh was talking about how Blackest Night has so far been a DCU book instead of a Green Lantern/Hal Jordan, I have to say that for me, that’s a complaint.  I wasn’t really expecting Blackest Night to be this much about the DCU and its various characters.  Is anyone else feeling like this?  I jumped onto the Green Lantern bandwagon kind of late, and I kept hearing about how Blackest Night would be the final part in the Green Lantern trilogy, but I haven’t seen that so far.

    I guess it’s still pretty early, but for now I am not as satisfied as the majority.

  27. So Tom Katers reads Incredible Hercules…

    The big name members of ifanboy read Incredible Hercules..

    It’s bi-monthly and it’s going to have a big event going on soon…

    So why can’t anyone give this series a try?

  28. @TNC-"Big name members of iFanboy"???? 

  29. Do the ifanboys give a fuck about an Oxford comma?

  30. Chaykin and Tom (Detroit Haten) Katers!  Yeah!

  31. @Aquaman – I do.

    I went back and read Hercules for shits and giggles.  It was alright, and it was kind of funny, but it isn’t something I really think I want to keep reading.  It’s just not my speed.

  32. @josh: I’ll admit the early issues of Hercules were just okay. It’s when he fully gets out of the Civil War/WWH issues that the title truly shines. Ironically when it has to tie-in into Secret Invasion it’s pretty good.

    @drake: Your a big name on ifanboy, but I forget if you read IH or not.

  33. I read 132.

  34. @josh: Oh okay.

    You didn’t find most of that funny? The sound effects didn’t warrant anything? Gotta admit it’s good art at least….I need something here. lol

  35. Thanks for reviewing so many books this week, guys. By the way, are there any more videos coming out from the con? I watched your last two video shows to hear news or interviews about Marvel projects, but since the first two hours of interviews from the con contained zero interviews with anyone from Marvel, I’m guessing you saved these for video #3?

  36. Like I said, Hercules was fine, but it’s not for me.

  37. @TNC-Oh you are a silly one.  On iFanboy, everyone is a big name!! ^_^

    In all seriousness, the latest cover of Incredible Herc was hilarious.  It almost made me want to read it.  Almost.

    And I’ll probably pick up Blackest Night: Batman this coming week.  It sounds like some sweet Dick and Damien goodness.

  38. @ Josh:  can you at least admit it was stapled well?

  39. @drake: ‘Ifanboy where everyone is a big name, but some people are bigger then others’.

    Okay wow….that sounded so wrong.

    If we’re talking about overall; wouldn’t Eternity be considered the strongest Cosmic figure? Or does he not fit into the category?

  40. Yeah, I don’t know what Ron was talking about, Blackbolt would school them all.  Richards be trippin’.

  41. Wow! I finally got a chance to listen to the whole episode, and it was great. Tom was awesome! I love that you reviewed about 14 books and included a user review to make it 15. This has to be the best episode I’ve listened to in a long time. I didn’t even miss Hunter.

  42. I’m not complaining that they weren’t featured in the episode, but Amazing Spider-man, Walking Dead, Unwritten and yes, even Marvel Divas were all really good this week also.

    This was a good week for comics!

    Great show guys!

  43. Funny enough, when I read ‘The Marvels Project’ I wasn’t blown away by it, but listening to Josh and Ron talk about it, I really came around.  This includes Ron’s comments, which weren’t that glowing overall, they still pointed some things out that I missed.  Nice job.

    BTW, I believe the doctor in the Marvels Project is meant to be the Golden Age vigilante character ‘The Angel’ (who I only recognize because he also figured into X-Men Noir, funny enough. 

  44. In the end, the Ultimate books pulled off the astonishing feat of pissing me off by giving me exactly what I wanted all along. Ultimate Spider-Man was the book about the high school kid growing up; I didn’t want to spend half a year reading about a city of 10 million being submerged in a tidal wave, and everyone losing their houses and families, and Peter fighting a demon god with the Hulk on top of Daredevil’s dead body. But that’s what they did, and they told me they were doing it for a reason. The slate is wiped clean! Might not even be the same Spider-Man after this! Maybe he’s a SHIELD agent!

    Or everything’s the same after a year of screaming. Oh! Not the same. He’s dating Gwen Stacy! Get ready for curveballs, 1971!

    It’s like someone pulling a prank. They tell you all your friends died in a fire. They show you pictures of the fire, they keep you appraised of the elaborate plans for the memorial service, they have you fly in for the funeral, and then when you get there everyone’s fine and waiting for you at the airport. Are you glad everyone’s fine? Absolutely. Do you sort of want to kill them yourself now? A little bit. What was the point of all that?

    And as for the comparison to Brand New Day people, that falls squarely under the category of "saying things we can’t take back." Maybe, if the MJ wedding had been hyped for two years and then lasted a month.

  45. I’ve really been enjoying Incredible Hercules, I really find it different than anything else out there right now and I almost always get a chuckle out of it.  I have to say I laughed out loud at 132 in the recap of Thor’s origin.  Third panel in showing Don Blake hitting the giant rock with the walking stick.  The annotation reads, "A wuss with rubber band arms tries to smash a boulder with a stick…truly, one of the greatest origin stories ever told."  I just laughed while typing that.

  46. The Gorillas & Guns discussion was hysterical! Plus Tom Katers too? This is like, the best episode EVER!!!

  47. Ron saying "GODDAMN" was probably my main highlight.

  48. I feel the exact same way Josh does about the Ultimate Universe.
    P.S. Tom Katers rules.

  49. I feel bad for the guy who didn’t show up for this podcast.

    What’s his name again? *snaps fingers* Oh it’ll come to me….

    Kurt? Cubert?…..C….Conner?

  50. Don’t feel bad – I was at the beach for a week.

  51. Yep, the Gorilla w/a Machine Gun tangent was the best thing I’ve ever heard on a podcast.

  52. This episode might be one of the funniest podcasts I have ever listened to. Goes right up there with that episode of around comics with Sal abbinanti.

  53. Been listening to the show for three years, but only sort of interacting with the community over the last few months.  To hear my review on the podcast was awesome.  Thanks guys, really appreciate it.  Oh, and the rest of the episode was pretty damn funny.

  54. @CronyC: I agree I think I might be done with the Ultimate universe, we shall see.

  55. Thank you for contributing to the site Mr. Katers.  You did an excellent job.  I’m glad Josh FINALLY had someone to discuss Fables with.

    Welcome back, Conor.  You missed a hell of a week.  I hope you didn’t burn your dome.

  56. So disappointed that you throw something up at https://ifanboy.com/mayhem

  57. We’re getting really good at disappointing people.

  58. On the critique of Ultimat Comics – Spiderman 01 (worst title ever).

    Look I get that no one liked Ultimatum, but this constant piling on Jeph Loeb is ridiculous. Look this is a major publishing company, no one, NO ONE, gets to do whatever they want. Loeb, pitched his story and editorial approved it. So if the writing didn’t live up then that’s Loeb’s fault but this fairy tale that he just got to do whatever he wanted with no oversight or editorial direction, well that’s just that, a fairy tale. You want to blame people for Ulitmatum, don’t forget to give due grief to Quesada and the editorial staff. Because in the end they approved it. 

     And as for the rebuilt NYC in the Ultimates Comics line, the big problem I have is that they shattered Manhattan and then they rebuilt it, EXACTLY THE SAME?!? Really? Same old brownstones and everything? You’d think that when you get to rebuild from scratch you’d modernize the city a bit, no? 

    The book was great, but from the standpoint of following Ultimatum. It’s an EPIC editorial FAIL! 




  59. @ringslinger: You try to take away New Yorkers’ brownstones and there will be a riot.

  60. @conor : I get that, but I think you get my point.

  61. I had a great time, though Conor’s crown is heavier than you think.



  62. @ThomasKaters: That’s because it’s made of the solidified tears of orphans.

  63. What’s this comma business Aquaman is getting all grumpy and sweary about? Did I miss something on the podcast? The Oxford comma? I never knew there was a term for this totally redundant piece of punctuation.

  64. If you don’t buy Wednesday Comics, you can see the whole Supergirl page from #6 here.

  65. @Josh: That’s actually page #7.  Doesn’t matter though.  It was great.  The Supergirl page has easily been my favorite thing about WEDNESDAY COMICS.

  66. … excellent… now that Tom has made his first step into ifanboy his podcast persona can slowly take over like he auspiciously did on aroundcomics with flare, all the while using his uncanny ability to make me laugh. Then he can finally replace Hunter…

    erm Conner…. who? (Just Joshin’ with ya Kilpatrick, you know you’re my fave)

  67. Tom’s been on the show at least 2 times before.

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