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Pick of the Week #460 – Wonder Woman #35

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We don’t know where Paul Montgomery went. He’s gone somewhere. So ComicBook.com editor-in-chief James Viscardi sits down with Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick to talk about the week in comics, so many Marvel movies, and their awkward collective northeastern view of the deep south.

Running Time: 01:03:30

Pick of the Week:
00:02:20 – Wonder Woman #35

00:10:52 – Saga #24Wonder Woman_35
00:16:15 – War Stories #2
00:20:11 – Rasputin #1
00:23:45 – Savage Dragon #199
00:28:57 – Fantastic Four #12
00:29:49 – Guardians of the Galaxy #20
00:33:10 – Southern Bastards #5
00:35:51 – Marvel 75th Anniversary Special
00:39:21 – Death of Wolverine: Captain America & Deadpool #1

Movie News:
00:43:43 – Marvel Studios counters Warner Bros.’ big movie announcement with one of their own!

“Screaming at the Wailing Wall”
Flogging Molly


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  1. Tony Akins and Goran Sudzuka for WW fill ins, a lot of it was Goran. Anyone else digging wayward by Steve Cummings and Jim Zub?

  2. IMAGE COMICS 2016: A disturbing peek into the monochromatic, privileged mountain towns of New Hampshire. White Mountains, indeed! Can a town be so quaint that it LITERALLY bores you to DEATH? Wicked Awesome, or just plain Wicked? More crazy politicians, snobs, and competent Subaru drivers than you can possibly stand! Sounds boring and pointless? Well, maybe it’s meta. From the publisher that brought you SOUTHERN BASTARDS, this is ARROGANT DILLHOLES by Flanagan and Liefeld. “It’s Fine.”

  3. Soule’s Swamp Thing annual was my comic of the week. Etrigan and ST making himself out of popcorn.

  4. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Is Ghostbusters 2’s walking Statue of Liberty really that bad? It’s a symbol of US brotherhood that conquers the hate sludge.

  5. I am incredibly ambivalent about the idea of so many superhero movies being pumped out all at once. In 2016, we are going to have seven Superhero films. We’re getting eight in 2017 and seven more in 2018. That means, over the course of three years, we are going to be “treated” to 22 Superhero films! That is extraordinarily stuffed.

    This isn’t even including films like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Transformers, TMNT, etc.

    I kind of worry that it won’t be simply Superheroes that come tumbling down but the entire mainstream geek culture movement.

    Bridging to a different topic, the Inhumans have me really wondering how Marvel is going to handle them and, more importantly, how the public will see them. If they focus on the royal family, your lead character, Black Bolt, is a guy who can’t talk. His will in interpreted by a woman who has… Hair powers…? They travel around with a teleporting dog, who may in fact be an “evolved” alien/human or maybe just a dog? Then there’s a guy who looks like Mr. Tumnus on roids and some freaky fish guy. Also a dude who doesn’t have powers but is a kung fu expert… Oh, almost forgot, Black Bolt is a polygamist and all his other wives are suuuuper weird. Like, I think we can all understand the hair powers lady and the blue chick. They look mostly normal. But most people would probably draw the line at slug lady, horse lady and the hairy green reptile lady.

    Is it just me or are the Inhumans just a little too weird? I suppose marvel made a talking racoon and an ent work… So maybe it’ll all be ok?

    • I think I got tired of the superhero movie thing about 15 years ago (when was X-Men?). It’s funny Disney/WB are so grossly over stretching themselves, this is going to be a blood bath. Although a number of these I’m intrigued by (Cyborg and Inhumans – I can’t imagine those being made, but I definitely want to see them), but it’s exactly as it was described on the show. It’s the proliferation of westerns in the 40’s/50’s, or the Buddy cop move of the 80’s, Lawyer or Hitman movie in the 90’s. 20 years ago I’d have been excited by all of this, now I’m just curious to see what actually makes it to the screen.

      I think having read so many great superhero comic stories, I no longer have a deep need to see them as movies, because no movie is going to capture what makes them work so well on the page.

      Still though…Cyborg? Really? I gotta see what that looks like.

  6. CONOR: ‘I guess I’ll give the next creative team a shot….’

    JOSH: ‘Whhhhhhy?’

    That made me laugh – the sheer incredulity in Josh’s voice, as if there’s no chance of the next Wonder Woman creative team having anything to offer that Conor might enjoy. Having not been a fan of this run – I dropped off around #12 but popped back for the conclusion – I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next. I do hope, though, that a guy who claimed Meredith and David Finch also plan a three-year story were pulling my pud, that’s far too ruddy long.

    Great show, as ever, and fab to hear James guest. The recent twosome shows have worked, but three is the great iFanboy tradition.

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