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Pick of the Week #432 – Stray Bullets: Killers #2

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan is tired, Conor Kilpatrick is hung over, and Paul Montgomery is Paul Montgomery, as the guys return to talk about the week that was in comics! No one dies at the end of this episode. We think.

Running Time: 00:58:09

Pick of the Week:
00:02:32 – Stray Bullets: Killers #2

Stray Bullets_Killers_2Comics:
00:13:41 – Amazing X-Men #6
00:17:04 – Batman #30
00:21:12 – Hulk #1
00:25:15 – The Shadow Hero #3
00:30:22 – American Vampire: Second Cycle #2
00:33:08 – Thor: God of Thunder #21
00:35:12 – Minimum Wage #4
00:36:08 – Ms. Marvel #3
00:39:12 – The Mercenary Sea #3

Audience Question:
00:41:40 – Matt from Long Island, NY wants to know where to start reading Captain America comics.

iFanboy at The Movies:
00:49:45 – Josh gives his take on Captain America: The Winter Soldier!

“Deep Dark Well”
M. Ward


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  1. As far as Captain America comics go, if you liked the first movie, there was a mini series by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire called Adventures of Captain America: The Sentinel of Liberty that was a fun re-telling of the origin. I don’t think it’s collected but if you come across it in a back issue bin I would recommend that.

    I meant to pick up Mercenary Sea when you guys first talked about it and had forgotten until now! Going to stop by comixology after listening to this.

  2. Think I am in the can’t read Stray Bullets camp. Ms Marvel was wonderful, my potw.

  3. I find it funny that you guys bleeped out Liefeld’s name, but for the new listeners out there that might be confusing.

  4. Thanks for playing my voicemail! I’ll be sure to check out that Mark Waid run, and I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and pick up the Brubaker stuff as well. And that WW2 set book sounds AMAZING.

    AND HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER ME? Remember when we were 12 years old, riding bikes around our small town as wel grew up together in the 1960’s? We even fought that giant spider/inter-dimensional shapeshifting clown demon? No?

  5. so… im a big fan, i listen every week and always enjoy the program you guys put out. its rad, insightful and funny.

    but i have to get this off my chest… you guys played a voice mail on this weeks show and i think the guy (matt) said something along the lines of ‘your old friend’ at which point two of you guys kinda chuckled and made some pretty condescending remarks.

    maybe im missing something and its all a joke and you do know him. or maybe he is just a fan and has been for a long time and feels like you guys are in his life. maybe he was nervous and something silly came out to make him sound friendly. it could be any million of things…

    but the reaction, going so far as to bust on where he’s from, really left a bad taste in my mouth. it was ever so dickish.

    i understand that its odd to hear things like that when you are in the public but the thing is you guys chose that voicemail to play on air. if you took issue with his description of your relationship than you shouldn’t have aired it. as a listener it made me feel uncomfortable and utterly unneeded.

    my two cents aint worth spit, but it def made me think about the kind of guys im listening to.

    Paul still rules.

    • Look at the comment directly above yours.

    • Hey Birds, thanks for coming to my defense. I always appreciate it when someone looks out for me. BUT…

      That being said, I took their reaction just as I believe it was intended: some good natured ribbing. I mean, think about how often the co-hosts make fun of each other on this show. If anything, having your chops busted “on the air” should make you feel even MORE like a friend. As you can tell, I’ve thought about this a lot…like at least 5-6 hours.

    • yeah i saw that. sure he was stoked that you replied… happy for him.

      but again as a listener, i walked away with a different feeling. can’t please um all i guess nor should you try. his response and how he heard the answer does not have any thing to do with what i heard… and i took the time to say something. egg on my face.

      look i may be reacting far too sensitively about this, i know that i am. ill gladly move on. i am happy that this forum exists to say what you feel so i appreciate that.

  6. cool Matt, and you are completely right. it is awesome to get the old balls a busted on air… i just detected a sliver of something less friendly at the very start of the response that kinda made me take note.

    ok ok im from long island too…. so there you go…. I’ve got to stick up for the homeland. 🙂


  7. I picked up Mercenary Sea #1 when it came out because the concept seemed cool to me but something about the art turned me off from continuing. It just has a very “digital” feel to it, if that makes sense. Also didn’t care for some of the dialogue so I guess that book just isn’t for me. On the other hand, your description of the Stray Bullets: Killers series has piqued my interest.

  8. Had a rustyautoparts moment when I thought Conor said Thor’s greatest enemy was Eternius…I was like, who’s he?

    You guys were right to say there wasn’t a lot of great Cap in the past. And the recent Falcon collection reflects similarly. I do think Ultimates was a great Cap story/rendition.

  9. Dudes,

    Virginia Applejack is like the on again/off again main character of Stray Bullets. Other characters can take center stage for arcs, but she’s always been the recurring thread.

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      As I’ve since discovered reading more of the Uber Alles edition.

      In Josh’s defense, he’s especially old and his memory isn’t what it once was. Conor hasn’t read the original material. I think it would rectify some of his problems with the characters’ dimensionality, but given that those earlier stories are as dark or darker than Killers, I don’t think he’d enjoy it.

      Looks like it’s just gonna be me following this one, but I’ll continue to sound the bugle for it.

    • It’s one of my very favorite books from the 90’s, and the first 100% DIY indie comic that I ever followed starting from the first ish. I owe it all to those Warriors Of Plasm trading cards…(only kinda/sorta kidding.)

  10. For Cap books – the Waid run (which began the Heroes Return phase after *beep*’s run) is really good. Also, there are collections of 70’s-80’s Captain America and the Falcon if you want to see the two of them together. Finally, I’d recommend “The Death of the Red Skull” collection, which is not only creepy as hell, but contains a well-regarded origin story of the Red Skull and the origin of Sin, who is a major character in the Brubaker run.

    For a non-Cap but related story, read Greg Pak’s Red Skull origin series (I forget the full title). Very, very good, similar to his Magneto: Testament (which you should also read because it is super good).

    • Interesting that you prefer the Waid run after “Heroes Reborn” to the one before. For me it’s the opposite. What do you like more about that run?

  11. Brian Cronin at CBR’s been doing a great job exploring the oddity that was the Captain America Marvel Knights series. Crazy stuff, especially the fact that Cap died in toward the end of the Heroes Return series and it was just flat-out dropped. The genesis of the series got written up today. http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2014/04/25/comic-book-legends-revealed-468/

    Oh, and I gotta give Paul the mad props for making “Stray Bullets” the POTW. I never thought I’d ever see the series finish, let alone return with a new monthly issue, but it’s been bliss ever since Image announced it.

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