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Pick of the Week #595 – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #25

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This week with Ron Richards having to meet a guy about a thing, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are left to talk about the week in comics, plus comic book creator name alterations, congressional hearings for comic creators, and Josh’s thoughts on Split!

Running Time: 01:08:30

Pick of the Week:
00:02:18  – Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #25

Comics:Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps_25
00:08:27 – Robotech #1
00:12:22 – Rebels: These Free and Independent States #5
00:16:29 – Action Comics #984
00:20:19 – The Flash #27
00:27:30 – Doom Patrol #7
00:28:16 – Secret Empire #7
00:30:50 – Batgirl #13
00:32:00 – The Hellblazer #12
00:35:08 – B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know #1

Patron Pick:
00:37:58 – Batman / The Shadow #4

Patron Thanks:
00:42:25 – George Longas
00:43:51 – Anthony Sanchez
00:44:41 – Kenneth Frost
00:45:29 – Jose Ayerve

Audience Question:
00:48:57 – Greg M. will sometimes read comics solely for the art.
00:52:51 – Wes A. wants the iFanboy Hot Take on the Todd McFarlane/Spawn movie news.
00:56:15 – Jason M. from Australia wants the iFanboy Hot Take on the Frank Miller/Superman news.

San Diego Comic-Con 2017:
00:59:13 – Conor gives a brief recap of his experiences at the show.

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Regina Spektor


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  1. No- No- no It wasn’t Kyle that caused things to blow up it was the volatile- craziness of Sorakink that did that. Hyle was trying to protect her.

    Really – at This point Brian Wood is One of the best writers in comics? No- Duh.
    Don’t get me wrong that is 100 correct.

    Also white guys who have a mad on for war stuff is maybe– check your coffee.
    Superman stuff isn’t perfect right now but it is all some of the best all around comics of everything right now.
    Which is awesome.

    Not sure I understand the Harry’s testimony this week.
    And listen – you cant use the “can you unlock the case for me” anymore that’s EVERY podcast.

    The main element that doesn’t make sense about Secret Empire is the fact that Steve Rogers comes off as a Strong guy without logic or ability to carry this out. And Sorrentino’s art is very very- very muddy and gimmicky and the last action sequence is missing about 10 panels.
    You knot it’s true.

  2. Ultimates- Continues to be the smarter version of Hickman’s -fuck everything in the Marvel U- and making sense of some absurdly Shamalan fuck the universe concepts.
    He’s the one putting it back together- we owe him.

  3. Flash #27 – They are turning Reverse Flash into Kang.

  4. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Yay! Reggie Spektor.

  5. Surprised you even tried Robotech given my feeling that you guys have never gotten into manga or anime. But as you said Brian Wood. And yeah for group of people it was important. It was the gateway into anime and manga. I never really considered it versus voltron though. Voltron was more versus Battle of the Planets in my mind. Robotech was much more ummmm adult.

    • Probably the versus aspect just comes from Robotech and Voltron being originally broadcast (in the US) in the same year. Both were local market syndication, I believe, so I never even saw a single ep of Robotech where I was. Battle of the Planets is my earliest childhood cartoon memory-a foundational one- but it had come and gone by the time Voltron was on the air. Five years is a lifetime to a 10 year old.

      Also, doesn’t the Robotech comic come out this coming Wednesday? I think the jamokes may have jumped the gun a week with their advance copies.

  6. Can’t wait to see the new shirt design!

    I have recently been getting into the Valiant universe and have really enjoyed Robert Venditti’s X-O Manowar run and Eternal Warrior stuff so his Green Lantern work has been on my to read list for a little bit. Glad to hear the book is back on track, I also dipped out during Brightest Day and all the colored rings fallout. looking forward to checking it out.

  7. I’m one of those who ended up getting big into Robotech, and used it as a gateway into anime. Voltron was cool, but it didn’t have the serialized story telling that Robotech had. I didn’t read the new comic, but I did find a preview of the first few pages online, that combined with what you said on the podcast, I’ve gathered this is a reboot of the story from the beginning. I must say, as big a fan as I have been in the past, this preview did not breed much confidence, that preview dialogue was bad. Most of it was tweaked from the first episode, and it wasn’t great back then. I’m guessing BW has his hands tied a bit with this adaptation.

    While the cartoon series was a cherished memory for 9 year old me, and 13/14 year old me really did enjoy the YA novelizations (co-written by Star Wars regulars Brian Daley and James Luceno) of the series, I’m willing to admit the whole thing did not age well. It is of the 80’s, and can be remembered for nostalgia, but really doesn’t need to be “updated” for a new generation. I actually think the story surrounding how it got brought to the US, and marketed. And the Love/Hate relationship fans have with the primary person who did that Carl Macek is more interesting to outsiders then the show itself. If you don’t know the story, it’s worth a quick look in Wikipedia. The gist of it is, is unlike most anime brought to the US now, Carl mashed up and rewrote a fair amount of 3 Japanese series, to get the episode count high enough to get good syndication deals. So, purists hate him for ruining the original art, but there are many people like me, who are more glad that he was able to introduce us to to the Japanese style cartoons. In my mind with out works like this being dubbed and rewritten for the US in the 1980’s, you don’t get shows like “Cowboy Bebop” and “Ghost in the Shell” in the 2000’s.

    Side Note: When Robotech comics rebooted in the early 2000’s (Via Wildstorm) it was the first, and for a brief time, the only thing on my pull list. I also have a few random Comico issues I found while searching the back issue boxes in the early 90’s. So in a round about way Robetech is what led me to a revitalized interest in comic books, and that led me to discovering iFanboy.

    • Well I think a big part of the mixed feelings is Harmony Gold and how they are the reason for none of the subsequent Macross material (of which Robotech is based on) being officially released in the west and how HG seem to exist just to threaten anyone using giant robots in fiction/games. Especially with the dubious nature of their claims to ownership.

  8. Just a quick note in relation to the upcoming booksplode on the Cerebus “Church and State, Book 1”. An enormous obstacle to evaluating any part of that mammoth work is in missing the context of everything that’s come before. As an assist, nearly 15 years ago I did a full review of the whole series and posted it on the (then living) livejournal under the moniker ‘ersazinsomnia’ in a series of posts titled “Something Fell”.

    If you’re interested in (or struggling to make sense of) what led up to “Church and State” (or if your interested in where it went after), the posts still exist and you’re welcome to browse through them. The one directly related to C&SI is here:


    While the actual beginning of the whole thing is here:


    Just tab back to the posts before.

    A warning. I tried to be thorough, and cover everything, including events outside of but concerning the comic, Sim’s resultant reputation and the series’ slow descent into socio-political polemic. Thus each of the sections are VERY LONG. The whole thing together is actually longer than my doctoral thesis, but each of the individual sections should be more manageable.

  9. Re: Secret Empire #7: While I find Sorrentino’s art very pretty to look at, he doesn’t tell a story particularly well. I had no idea what was happening in several sequences. Artistic consistency is important, yes, but so is comprehensibility.

    Also, how did you manage to discuss the issue without bringing up the senseless killing — by Captain America, ffs — of one of Marvel’s two or three most recognizable female heroes?

    Finally, as much as I enjoy Ron’s alternative pronunciation of “corps,” the real tragedy this week was the missed opportunity to hear him repeatedly say “SPAWN.”

    • Agreed. I would love to have a sketch of his on my wall, but he’s the wrong artist for this book from a story telling perspective. I think the reason senseless killing wasn’t discussed is b/c it’s impact wasn’t really felt with this art.
      I had to go back a few times to even see it.

  10. Rebels is solicited for eight books this series.

  11. Finally….. My super power….! Always having 3 bars is an awesome power, although “bar” is an old Australian slang term for an erection, so I was a little confused until you explained exactly what kind of bar you were talking about…. Oh, and tell Ron his testicles are perfectly safe….It’s all good… Loving the podcast each week… Cheers guys….!!

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