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iFanboy Mini #89 – ‘The Dark Knight’ Review

Show Notes

It’s impossible to miss, because there are posters and billboards everywhere, and you can hear the excitement clenched jaws of Batman fanboys everywhere, as director Christopher Nolan’s sequel, The Dark Knight hits theaters today.

There was a lot of excitement, and almost no trepidation because Batman Begins was so well done. Does the sequel live up to the legacy?

Oh, does it ever.

Best supervillain ever? Scariest version of Gotham City ever? Absolutely zero Katie Holmes?

All that and more.


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  1. @Conor – Thank you! That outfit you wore gave me a great laugh and totally made up for the fact I have wait A WEEK to see this. Could not be more hyped for this. Dark Knight twice and a Watchmen trailer in my week off? Good time to be a geek!

    Did Ron not like it, or is he too busy building his empire to see it yet? 🙂 

  2. Conor–you are fuckin hysterical. Wearing your Batman get up without reference or irony was fuckin brilliant. Nice review too.

  3. I can’t wait to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @ Josh–Like Gotham, Chicago is a horrible place to live.

  5. If this flick can be compared to Heat in any way … wow, now I’m even more amped to see it.

    Nice review fellas, and thanks to you, I’ll be too excited to sleep now.

  6. I think this video will only increase the fangirls love of conor. Also, I want to be watching this movie right now.

  7. I finally watched and Oh my God, the joker is so evil!!! And grotesque the first "trick" he does and all the audience went "ouh! he didn’t just do THAT!"

    I love it!

  8. does this mean we won’t be getting a special edition of the audio podcast? i really look forward to your podcasts on the movies.

  9. @nickmaynard – Yep, there will be one, just like the WANTED mini review/audio podcast.  It’ll be up tomorrow.

  10. awesome!

  11. i agree with everything you sed except josh sed that the love interest actor was better in this one than the last one.

    however i think the reason i disagree is only becos whenever she was on screen i was annoyed that it wasn’t the same actor. at first i was like ‘who is she?’ and then when i got it i was a bit dissapointed that they couldn’t help maintain the illusion by having the same girl. i red she wanted to spend more time at home or something. what a jip!

    i must be really wierd aswell cos i am like the omly person in the world that liked the first one better. but this blew the expectations sky-high and it was a better experience to go see than the first. i dubbo why i just hav an attachment to the first movie.

  12. BTW guys, a colleague of mine made an interesting observation/point.  Joker’s lip smacking and tongue movement is a side effect from anti-psychotic medication.  At one point in the past, there was an attempt to psychiatrically treat/control him.

  13. I wonder if Josh’s opinion on the movie in the mini is similar to his opinion today.

    Same with Conor.

  14. My opinion is the same. My esteem for the movie has only grown since I first saw it.

  15. Yup.

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