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iFanboy Mini #144 – Top 5 X-Men (Related) Bases

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How does the X-Mansion fare against such exotic locales as San Francisco, New York City and even Australia? Who’d have thought that this much thought and effort could go into where Wolverine hangs his hat, where Cyclops stresses over chores and where Storm waters her plants? The X-Men are a family and every family needs a home, even if it’s a base of an enemy that they pretty much stole.


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  1. I would feel kinda dirty taking over a ship that was once the ship of an evil warlord or terrorist group.

  2. this brought tears of joy to my eyes.  They never really touched on the X-Corporation buildings all over the world anywhere after the Morrison did they?  I never really understood what they were anyway but they were in Dubai at least.

  3. I just wanted to add that I jumped a little bit when I saw that bald head pop up behind the couch.  Then I laughed like a hyena.

  4. What about the base that was in the middle of the ocean, the one that Magneto had (and the X-men took over after defeating him) that lead to illyana to get her magic powers? I like that base.

    Also what about the x-facor building in the middle of mutant town, before it blew up. Nothing better than a plain old office building.

  5. WOW!

    I had no idea that they had that many. When I saw the title for the mini I thought "5? did they even have 5 bases?"

    ps – Good segment.


  6. Ron – thanks for taking me back. I was a hardcore X-Factor junkie in the Ship era. I don’t know if I had ever known that Ship came from the Celestials, but nothing was better than the original 5 vs. Apocalypse in those days.


    Two questions – wasn’t Ship sentient? How did Ship die?

  7. @Tork- funny you should ask- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship_(comics) 

  8. @coltrane I mean, my bad.

  9. I can’t remember how long the X-Men were there (did they really "settle" there properly?), but Magneto’s awesome ocean island base would replace San Fran on my personal list. Otherwise Ron made all the picks as I’d’ve made ’em, including the right era of the X-Mansion.

    Off-topic: They really need to come out with COLOR reprints of the X-Men’s Australian years… 🙁

  10. I remember the X-Men cartoon in the 90’s, Beast cried when Ship sacrificed itself to contain Apocolypse.  It was heart-breaking, that big blue ball with big blue tears.  *sigh*

     Fun mini Ron

  11. @drakedangerz: That episode was actually on this week on Jetix.  While they formed their relationship pretty quickly in the episode, it was pretty heart-renching when ship "passed."

  12. I have a secret fondness for the two weeks or so that the X-Men were based out of Jessica Drew’s house in San Fransisco.  I think I would have:


    5)  The lighthouse.

    4)  Peter David’s new X-Factor house.

    3)  Jessica Drew’s house, just because I love that brief period of X-Melodrama

    2)  Classic New Mutants X-Mansion  (Your #1, which I applaud for lasting that long.)

    1)  Whedon’s X-Mansion 

  13. Behind you!

  14. Whedon’s Mansion is Awesome. Mainly cause It makes me think of the Sunnydale Library for some reason, I wonder Why?

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