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iFanboy Mini #143 – Ode to the Beyonder

Show Notes

Augie DeBlieck Jr. (of Comic Book Resources and the Pipeline Podcast) brings us a dramatic interpretation of iFanboy writer Jim Mroczkowski’s 25 stanza love (hate?) letter to The Beyonder and Secret Wars II, the Marvel Comics event that was so bad it needs to be read to be believed.

Twenty three years ago Secret Wars ushered in the big summer crossover at Marvel, and twenty three years ago, Secret Wars II nearly killed it. Why?

Listen to the booming voice of Augie DeBlieck Jr. to find out.


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  1. Best iFanboy ever.

  2. That’s freaking awesome

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  4. If only the actual mini-series was that entertaining…….

  5. Absolute genius, by everyone involved.  I love the image for "I was 9", particularly.  Great selections from the comics to illustrate points, and awe-inspiring work by Jim & Augie.

  6. Amazing.

    I’m going to have nightmares about eeeeeeeeevil Jim Shooter.

  7. So, The Beyonder = Jesus?

  8. That was awesome!

  9. isnt the beyonder the old bald little dude with no pupils from the fantastic four?

  10. Good show guys.  And great that you got Augie to come in, what a powerful voice that gentlemen has!!

  11. @WinTheWonderBoy – Do you mean The Watcher?

  12. Now thats a great mini, @winthewonderboy your talking about the Watcher i think.

  13. D’oh! @cocor & English- thanks. yeah, thats who i was thinking of

  14. That was beautiful.


  15. Well that was awesome, the only problem was that I had never heard of Secret Wars 2 or the Beyonder before now, and well I wish I never had. Now I’m going to read Power of Ion(That is seriously the Worst DC Book I can think of, as for Marvel, well CLONE SAGA)

  16. Very Very Very Very good. Not to diminish Jimski’s article (that is probably one of the greatest articles written on this site) but this was a tiny bit better when spoken rather then read. I wish we could’ve gotten a huge booming voice like Orsen Wells wanna be or something. But cheers to Augie for such a great read.

  17. Pure genius.

  18. I take it back, I just read issue 13 of JLA(Justice League antarctica.)

  19. I. Am. Stunned. Just blown away, mate. Saying "good work", or "great article" just doesn’t cut it with this episode. If our paths ever cross I’m buying you a pint. Just wow.

  20. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone.  I just finished watching it, myself.  Laughed out loud at the imagery. Conor, Josh, Ron, whoever worked on this — great job.  Perfect Shooter picture, too.

    And I’ve never read "Secret Wars" 1 or 2. . . 

  21. Augie, when I read that you’ve never enjoyed the Secret Wars, my first impulse is shock and indignation, and then I remember that I wrote this poem.

  22. More odes, please.

  23. Seconded! More odes from Jimski!

    If not in Mini form, then maybe once a month as a few minutes of the audio podcast?

  24. Hilarious.

  25. Very good.

  26. Absolutely fantastic. Really, really great.


    just amazing, well done JimSki–seriously wonderful stuff.  Augie’s reading…wonderful! and the editing…


    off the hook!


    I’m speechless–congrats, guys..

  27. That was wonderful…

    …the beyonder also kind of looks like Warren Beatty from Shampoo.  

  28. Sometimes it’s hard to rhyme with Mishugas.

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