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iFanboy Mini #141 – Old Ads: Green Lantern #51 (1967)

Show Notes

In this classic old Green Lantern comic book, Josh peers back in time to see what we can learn about the youth of the past, looking through the old ads in this vintage issue.

It turns out that 41 years ago, young boys did a lot more than watch TV and play video games. Also, why the disrespect for the armless?

Special thanks to Tad Stones for this one.


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  1. It was fun.  THanks Josh.

  2. If you were still doing minis, I’d suggest one on old letter sections.  Same ranting as today but much slower.

  3. I had one planned based on the letter columns in the Spider-Man Omnibus.  We certainly never ran out of ideas…

  4. When I got into comics a few years ago, I happily found out I love seeing ads from 70s-early 90s because it was cool little bit of history where I really felt I knew what society was like in those times and like you said, there were more active, less roundy people.

  5. You guys could totally do a big video show on ‘Storage Unit’, Bad Villains, and even Old Ads if you wanted to. I understand why they need to go, but I hope you guys can do these again in the future. It will be missed….

    Anywho, great vid; I would imagine the best ads came during this period. So much bad kid’s crap, it makes our stuff look so much better in terms of toys and whatnot. I bet they rotoscope those kids with the guns, sure it was an ad for a contest but it was actually a realistic picutre of Congo refugee kids fighting the government. Remember when The Phantom was just as big as a name as Captain America or Nick Fury? Yeah me neither…DAMN YOU BiLLY ZANE!!

  6. You gotta be careful with this stuff.  Else you could end up like Bart Simpson and jeopardize your parents’ marriage with your mail order shinanigans.

     Where’s my spy camera?  Where’s my spy camera?

  7. iFanboy should start an organization to help the armless do something without arms, or something…..

    Great Show.

  8. Just a nitpick, but he Def Leppard drummer had one arm, not no arms. So technically he was posed to show off the one arm he had and hide the one he was missing. Still sleazy, but less so than you made out.

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