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iFanboy Mini #135 – Pick of the Week: Echo #6

Show Notes

No capes, no cowls, no zombies looking for brains. No shapeshifters, no aliens, no heroes turned apes. In many ways, writer/artist Terry Moore’s Echo is unlike most other comic books today. It’s pure science fiction action with normal people with real problems caught in the middle.

In Echo #6 we learn more about our hero Julie and her new friend Dillon in one of the most mundane ways possible — they chat over pancakes. Yet in the hands of Terry Moore it’s all interesting and it’s all revealing. As this issue progresses it becomes quite clear that there are mysteries hidden behind the curtain, and at least one major character is hiding a big secret.

Echo #6 may not have been the most pulse-pounding comic book of the week, it was merely the best.

You can read Conor Kilpatrick’s full Pick of the Week review here.


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  1. You know I had the same problem with Strangers in Paradise.

    So Yeah I’ll look into this Echo, seams like my kinds Indy book.

  2. I guess a ‘Strangers in Paradise’ video podcast will never happen….Damn your cold heart Conor! lol

    But yeah SiP doesnt sound like my thing, mainly cause I’m not interested in stuff like that. Not saying it isnt great, I’m sure it is, but I have no desire on reading it ever in my lifetime…..But this Echo series sound really interesting, only because it’s a science-fiction book. Why does this plot feel something from Joss Whedon though? Anyways, cant wait to pick up the trade soon, I need to find it somewhere.

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