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iFanboy Mini #131 – Who’s Who in the DC Universe

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Way back in 1990, both DC and Marvel Comics published binder editions of their popular character dossier books. DC Comics’ Who’s Who in the DC Universe caught Conor Kilpatrick’s eye with its exciting art and ability to surprise. He collected all 16 editions in one book and he has carried his big gray binder of DC knowledge with him ever since.

What secrets does the binder hold?


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  1. Very cool.  This is a subject very near and dear to my heart.  

    My favorite comic book from my childhood was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sourcebook, which I think was two issues and later expanded into three.  I was a young kid when they came out, and at the time, Superhero comics were all scary with variant covers and chrome and such, so TMNT was my book. And TMNT was fantastic for kids who liked bizarre characters.  As I got older, Star Wars was regaining its popularity, and they released a bunch of large sourcebooks for that universe.  Characters, technology, vehicles.  I devoured that stuff.  A few months ago I saw the Hellboy Sourcebook on the shelves, and that excitement came rushing back. I have no doubt that this is why I’m such a proponent for character today.  

  2. Countdown had mini bios in the back of each issue, which is kinda similar.

  3. Can’t put those in a binder…

  4. Are those ears on the Batmobile?

    I’ve never heard of this conor, but damn you cause now I want this to come back! Why did they ruin such a great thing? This would totally work today, okay maybe not in a way where you need to use a binder…but why cant the modern encyclopedia books be like this? I’m not saying today’s encyclopedia’s are bad, they are very good and have a ton of info….but this would be more entertaining then just buying a single $50 book every year.

  5. Conor, I agree…time to release a new series of "Who’s Who" pages. Since there have been so many changes in the DCU since the early 90’s, and in light of final crisis, there’s no better time than the present to do this again. My binder is ready.

  6. I would definitely like to see these types of products come back into style. I have a few of the Marvel Handbooks in a binder somewhere but I can’t believe I never got my hands on the DC version.

  7. Your love for this just jumps out of the screen!  Good work

     This reminds me of the Marvel trading cards of the 90s, with the stats on the back of the cards.  I would get a Wolverine, or Spidey card and then get totally pissed because their stats were so low.  While other characters that I hated, like the Thing, had crazy insane stats that made him seem damn well unbeatable.  It pissed me off back in the day.  I eventually let it go…but THEN, a few weeks ago I picked up an issue of Iron fist that had something similar in the back of it, and it gave weak ass stats for him!  Thats bull!  Iron Fist could totally kick anyones ass if he just stopped.  Anyway, I had a point.  Point is that they should totally bring this idea back.  Maybe in digital format?

  8. That would be AWESOME to have some info on characters. Ever since all this new stuff that came out and rewrote almost all the DC Characters I can no longer reference to my DC Encyclopedia, and I’m tired DC Database and their constant stuff like this: http://en.dcdatabaseproject.com/Hector_Hammond_(New_Earth)

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