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iFanboy Mini #129 – Bad DC Villains (Part Two)

Show Notes

As if Rainbow Raider wasn’t enough, today Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick snicker at such DC classics as Ocean Master, Nimbus, and the terrifying, short waisted Prince Evillo.

Even Geoff Johns couldn’t make these guys good.

Well… maybe.


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  1. oh c’mon Ocean Master isn’t so bad, he’s got the ability to, um..have a flowing cape underwater.  And stuff.

  2. You’ve guys have picked some real gems. I’m anxious to see what else lurks in that binder.

  3. You ^

  4. Ugh…Ocean Master?  I wonder how long it took them to come up with that name?  And what editor let that one through?

  5. You dare ask who Prince Evillo fights?  Prince Evillo takes on all comers.

  6. Is the symbol on Ocean Master’s chest a stingray clothes hanger?  

  7.   I think Prince Evillo is a perfectly good name.

  8. (According to Wikipedia and dcuguide.com…)

    Nimbus didn’t steal from the Mist.  Nimbus IS the Mist.  Nimbus is what his name became after he got old on Earth-Two, where everybody was greying and balding, so that makes sense.

  9. Prince Evillo seems bad ass.  And I can totally see Geoff Johns doing a Prince Evillo:Rebirth series.  (Assuming he is dead)

  10. Okay so I see the Nimbus guy far away and I’m like: ‘He looks kinda cool, why are they ragging on him?’ Then you give it a close up and I notice he’s a balding 40 year old man….What the hell were DC thinking?

    Oh and Geoff Johns can totally make these guys work. Hell if he can make Hector Hammond decent now then he can make Nimbus work. Or get Alan Moore to write them. we’ll feel bad for them in the end once they die of a drug overdose or something….I dont know I’m going by how he handles heroes in Watchmen.

  11. I don’t think Ocean Master is that bad of a name. How is that any worse than Mist or Spider-Man. He just got short changed in the costume department and capes don’t work under water. Maybe he has had an updated costume by now for all I know.

  12. Gentlemen, I believe you have found a goldspot to mine for hundreds of Minis. This is a close rival with It Came From The Storage Unit as my favourite Mini ever! You don’t even need to talk in future episodes, just have Conor show Josh some funny pictures and make him laugh. Fried gold!

    I somehow doubt we’ll ever top Dr Spektro, but please prove me wrong!

  13. These are awesome I really hope there are more of them in the future!

  14. Yeah… If anyone else said this, I’m totally copy dittoing them, but more of these is an awesome thing.

  15. I’ve never been a fan of putting an O at the end of an adjective and calling a superhero by that name, but man, "Evillo" just works on so many levels.  I think it’s the second L.

  16. Do a marvel one, I want to hear bad things about leap-frog and the disco dazzler.

  17. No Marvel binder.

  18. I would then say use the Marvel Encyclopedia, since it seams to be up to date, but, it’s the Marvel Encyclopedia.


  20. they may be crap villains. but boy are they tasty drawings!

  21. here is a question for you, where are all the good female villains?

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