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iFanboy Mini #107 – New Comics Preview: 08/13/2008

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There are many comics that come out each week, and these are iFanboy’s highlights for the week.

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  1. Awesome Dog!


    Oh yeah the mini was pretty good too.

  2. I give the Dog a 5.


    I give the Josh a 3.

  3. George! I sincerly hope his is building a Oceans 11, posseAwesome Mini. Also catiously optimistic for inhumans. I’ll give frirebreather a shot.

  4. Let me be the first to demand more videoes with George.


     Preferbly in a tophat.

  5. I want a mini with just the dog talking about comics. No ifanboy, just the dog, he can talk about mistreatment of dogs in Final Crisis or why it is exactly that ace the bathound needs to wear a mask?

  6. That would require either a lot more training or special effects we may not be able to incorporate at the moment. 

  7. I’d like to see more of George and i think he is starting to become the Ifanboy mascot. theres a lot of S.I. tie ins coming out this week.

  8. Good job that is one rocking dog man!

  9. The next big Skrull reveal = GEORGE!

  10. George was awesome, Josh you were alright too. I would not be apposed to more George in future mini’s. Maybe he should get his own pull list.


    I do remember you talking about Firebreather in the past so I’m gonna check it out this week. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. George rocks! Yay for dog lovers!

  13. That dog’s cute factor is LEVEL TEN.

  14. that was one of my favorite mini’s ever.  Can george show up in more?

  15. No one noticed that it says July 13?

  16. April fools?

    It’s in the process of being fixed already.

  17. I was so charmed by your dog that all comics-related thought was blasted from my brain.

    It’ll be your fault when I forget to go to my LCS tomorrow.

  18. Put a little bread under is lip by his gums or peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.   Then the trick is syncing your review to his mouth.

     The iDog = awesome. 

  19. Offically the best mini Ever!

  20. GEORGE!! <3 <3

    My favorite part was toward the end when he was like, "Daddy’s been talking long enough; commence with the licking!"

    Yeah, umm. . .those comics look interesting too.

  21.  Fire Josh. Hire the dog.

  22. My wife nearly cried at how damn cute George was.  Shameless, Josh, even admittedly so.

  23. Amy wants more George.

    She also wants to know where your beard went.

    I, personally, am still shocked to learn that we have a video show, let alone a daily video show.

  24. That dog could sit threw a nuclear bomb and still be in that position. lol

    Inhumans is the one I’m looking forward too. Sure I didnt pick it but we definitely need to…..kn…..Oh hell this whole thing was about that ‘way too cute’ puppy so Josh I wish I had a puppy like that too. 🙂

  25. For the love of ice cream bars, that dog was awesome! Mus. Have. More. George! The whole ground level angle was a nice change, too. Really dug this mini.

  26. It wasn’t enough to entertain me, get me to read more comics, and force me to spend all of my disposable income, now iFanboy is trying to kill me.

    Holy crap that dog is adorable.

  27. We’re a full service operation.

  28. okay, I will go public with my admission. I’ve watched this one way too many times. 


    Josh, the dog is awesome. There, I said it.


    in public.



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