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iFanboy #91 – Spotlight on Ben Templesmith

Show Notes

Arriving from Australia, comic book artist Ben Templesmith has become a become well known for his unique work. First gaining notoriety on the runaway hit 30 Days of Night, and moving on to work with Warren Ellis on the excellent Image series, Fell, There are no pages like Ben Templesmith pages. When you’re looking for moody, creepy, and spooky, plus a great cinematic design sense, there’s simply no one better out there.

In addition to his collaborative work, Templesmith has written his own comics as well, with books like Wormwood and his current series, Welcome To Hoxford. He’s also recently collaborated with writer Antony Johnston on Dead Space, a prequel comic to the upcoming Dead Space video game.


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  1. Making about Ben Templesmith right when the video game he drew a tie-in series for comes out that happens to be sponsering your show?  When did the ifanboys become the tools of The Man?!

    Nah, I’m just missing with you.  Templesmith’s cool.  I just wish Fell would bring the awesomeness more regularly. 

  2. Just for the record, it was our idea to do Templesmith, and we absolutely wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t want to, or thought it wouldn’t have been something you’d all enjoy.

  3. I was just kidding around.  I was a very enjoyable episode and I apologize if my lame attempt at humorrubbed you guys the wrong way.  ‘Twas not my intention at all.

  4. Seriously though, next week, the greatest cars in comics, brought to you by FORD!

  5. If April O’Neil’s VW van isn’t in there, I’m crying "sellout."

  6. I will sellout faster than an Olsen twin.

  7. Heh.

  8. Olsen twins aren’t sellouts, they totly fight the man.

  9. Ashley Wood is the only person I know that is like Ben Templesmith. Both do have different style of their own, but they feel the same as well. Templesmith does have a lot of detail in his work even if it doesnt look like it at first. Heck the pauses on the pages in this video proves my point. Look at that detail in the office of the warden in ‘Welcome to Hoxford’, very good looking.

    It’s a blessing and a curse he can really do only dark or horror stories. I know it’s what he wants, but it would be funny to see him try other series with a non-horror theme. I can see it now:

    Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane or Tiny Titans with him as artist? I could totally see that. 🙂

  10. His Criminal Macabre and Hatter M work was really good.  I buy pretty much anything he does.

  11. I am a big fan of Templesmith and iFanboy. It would suck for Ben and you that the show about his work would be tainted by the sponsorship.  That being said, you guys get your "pay on"!  I am a big fan of payola as well.

  12. My goodness no!

  13. I don’t know what exactly why but horror is a genre I never really got into. I guess I never really saw the fun in being freaked out.

  14. I like some horror. Light. Like tales from the crypt. But this gory hardcore horror stuff… can’t do it.

  15. I agree, horror comics should be horrifying.  Brother didn’t like the movie because of the scene involving the child vampire.  But that’s the point!  It has to "go there."

  16. @Ron – Did you know there is no link to the iFanboy website on the Revision3 page where this video plays?  Dude, you are the Director of Marketing & Product Management.  Don’t mean to call you out, but: CROSSPROMOTE, dammit.

    Interesting video.  I am not a fan of horror comics, but I am a fan of solid art.  I will give a few of these a look.  My impression is that Mr. Templesmith’s style is much like that of Dave McKean (of "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" fame).

  17. @stuclach: Ooo I never thought about that, he is like Dave McKean in a lot of ways. But McKean is a marvel in his own right and he does some really scary ass moments in his books….Plus he works with Neil Gaiman so that helps too.

  18. @stuclach – Try FELL.  It’s not horror, it’s crime.

  19. Fell’s good stuff.

  20. Thank you for the suggestion.

  21. I’ve never noticed Dead Space or Welcome To Hoxford on you guys’ pull lists so never realised you were into Templesmith other than through Fell.

  22. @deadspace – I got both of those books after they came out and then gave my copies to the guys to read.

  23. bloody australians!

  24. @conor – what made you buy them afterwards? they’ve both been out in the last month.

  25. @deadspace – Impulse… whimsy… I dunno.  I wanted to read DEAD SPACE ever since the launch party at Wonder Con.

  26. I would be really interested in seeing Templesmith’s take on the mignolaverse… maybe not hellboy because any time I see him not drawn by mignola I get a little sad, but maybe some of the periphery characters….

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