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iFanboy #88 – The Vault! Classic DC Edition! Man of Steel, Cosmic Odyssey, & JSA

Show Notes

The last time Josh, Ron and Conor went into the vault they spotlighted classic books from Marvel Comics, so in the interest of equal time – this week it’s DC Comics’ turn!

After Crisis on Infinite Earths changed everything, the heroes of the DC Universe started over from scratch. Conor relives Superman’s beginnings with Man of Steel.

Josh had Cosmic Odyssey forced upon him by some big guy with a shaved head. Would he find joy in a Jim Starlin penned space adventure co-starring the New Gods?

And finally, Ron goes back to the the well and lets everyone know that Geoff Johns once wrote a book called JSA. Sound familiar?

So grab a slice of Ma’s apple pie, strap your Mother Box on, and grab your “Fair Play” jacket! It’s time to head back into the vault!


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  1. Even I outrank you Josh, and I dont even know where the vault is…..

    I didnt know Lex’s green suit was used that early, I need to refresh myself on Superman Mythos….Sounds good though, especially if it started the Superman title. Cosmic Odyssey is a book I’ve heard of, but can never find it. Hearing Mike Mignola as artist sounds really tempting to find it more so, and after watching this vid I definitely need to find it now. God that looks so good, it kinda makes me wish he did more art for Hellboy and for other comics as well. Oh well cant let my fantasies ruin a fantastic series like Hellboy. You say it’s a different JSA, but it looks like if you take Black Adam out of the book, it’s the same team with this JSA series! Too funny, but yeah I see it all the time at my book store, I need to pick it up when I go over there this week.

    Thanks again for the great picks guys, and especially to you Josh. Infinity Gauntlet has become one of my favorite books and I have a feeling this Cosmic Odyssey will be yet another classic for me.


  2. Quick question…. I’ve been meaning to get Man of Steel for ages but I’m a bit put off by 5 volumes. How essential are all 5 trades?

  3. *jonnjonz – I actually went through the same thing.  The first volume is the mini-series.  You can stop there if you want.  It’s a complete story.  

  4. God damn it, Josh!

    *crosses off Cosmic Odyssey from list of columns to write.*

    Great picks, guys.  Ron gets the high five for giving JSA some love.  I’m working on completing my JSA trade run as well.   

  5. "And it’s not comics!"

    Slow clap, sir, slow clap indeed. 🙂

  6. Don’t worry, Josh.  It’ll be a couple levels before Ron and Conor realize the "vault" is simply a digitally-constructed forgery designed to keep the nines passive enough so the machines can draw their energy out for sustenence.  There is no vault.

  7. Eveytime I see Krypton I always harken back to Red Son and think: "They’re Us!"

  8. (I gotta stop making Comments half-way through the vids)

    By the way, Xanshi is still a pretty important to John Stewart. After Sinestro Corps War in  Green Lantern 26 part 1 of the Alpha Lanterns John is seen trying to recreate Xanshi, and during Sinestro Corps War and the lead up to it, there are 2 or 3 references to it as well.

  9. I could’ve sworn Josh was a FC and Ron was a SP!

    Shows what I know.

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