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iFanboy #77 – Grilling Meat and Answering Viewer Mail

Show Notes

Not even triple digit temperatures can stop iFanboy from their second annual Fourth of July grill and viewer e-mail celebration!

You all wrote in wanting answers and here are the lucky few who made the cut:

  • Alan wants to know what age group is appropriate for comic book reading.
  • Ian is looking for a long form, self-contained story with a beginning, middle and an end.
  • Ben says comics are getting too expensive and wants to know at what price point would the iFanboys stop buying comics.
  • Kevin is a big fan of DC’s viral marketing.
  • Jen has some concerns about Sandman continuity and a bonus question that leads to awkwardness.
  • Eric wants to know how to decide to drop books and asks the iFanboys to list their current favorites.

Fire up the grill, slip on your “Kiss the Chef” apron, grab some comics, and join iFanboy as they attempt to successfully answer viewer mail while cooking loads of meat on the grill even as the temperature of the air slowly cooks them from the inside out.



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Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. I just watched the first cook out episode yesterday and was hoping you guys would do another. Fun stuff. Should you guys ever tire of the comic podcasting thing, you could always try for the Food Network.

  2. I loved the grill video, my only question is…. Was that a target oven mitt Ron was rocking, while grilling? 

  3. The end of the video was awesome!! Crushing all the food in triple speed…

  4. Sugar and meat…… thats just odd. Great episode though.

  5. It’s not on iTunes yet.  I’m jonesing!

  6. @ supermoore…looks more like a Shade The Changing Man oven mitt…

    and it’s raining in Britain right now…but as soon as it shines i’m off to get some sugar and meat!

    y’saucy buggers!

  7. Josh, if you don’t want the skewers to set on fire, you should soak them in water for 10 mins before you stab the onion.

  8. I can’t wait for e-paper comics. They should have the low cost of digital, with the feel of a book in your hand.

  9. @xampx – I didn’t have time to do that this time.  We were on a tight production schedule.  Plus, I’ve done that, and they still burned before.

  10. 5 minutes a comic? Geez, slow down. I wonder if there’s an equation for the amount of titles someone reads to the amount of time they spent with them. 

     @gene I don’t think they will be that much cheaper, companies will just pocket the money, like with books.

  11. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard you guys say that Spider-Man Adventures is Marvel’s highest-selling title, but I don’t think it’s true. Last year I obtained the issue that had the yearly sales figures in it (one of the issues in the fall), and its average print run was stated as something like 30,000 copies. I would assume that that includes all of the Schoolastic sales. If you guys have other sources, could you please hand ’em over? As someone who admired Chris Claremont building a loyal fanbase of over 700,000 monthly readers from the ground up, all while working with heavy continuity, sales figures have always interested me.

    P.S. Great episode. All of your acting skills have improved. When these episodes first started it was obvious that you guys were playing characters and weren’t friends in real life, but now the scenario almost seems believable.

  12. @flapjaxx – Our sales figures on Spide-Man Adventures come from someone internal at Marvel.  Also, at this year’s NYCC Quesda confirmed at the Marvel panel that Marvel Adventure Spider-Man was the highest selling book. 

  13. @Conor – That’s good, and kind of reassuring to know. I’m glad that a kids-targeted book is still selling. Maybe the sales through places like Schoolastic are issued in a different format or something? That would explain why they (apparently) don’t count in the sales data given once a year in the regular comics. (You know what I’m talking about, right? The little thing they include once a year in every book, because I think the U.S. govt. requires it or something.)

  14. Looks like a great show guys but I just thought that you should know that the small quicktime download doesn’t work.

  15. Damn, that chicken looks good!

    The age range comics are aimed at has baffled me for a while now. It seems like all the ads in comics are directed at 12 year olds, but all the people who read comics are between 20 – 30 on average. So why is most of the advertsing in comics aimed at little kids? Pretty confusing.

    I was also looking for a long form self contained story recently and have just started 100 Bullets & would highly recommend it (so far) to people looking for that type of story.

    I hate to feel ripped off so to pay an extra dollar for a comic just for a cardstock cover really annoys me, and I hope this doesn’t become the normal way of things anytime soon. When all comics cost $3.99 I think is when I will seriously limit my comic issue reading. I think I would continue to buy Batman & Detective issues just to keep my unbroken runs, but everything else I’d jump to trades.

    I’m very surprised Josh dropped Scalped at one point when in his POW recently he said it’s never had a bad issue, page or even panel.

    OK … now I’m gonna buy my new comics … & get some chicken! =D

  16. Ian CRABB!!!. Thanks for that, Josh. 😉

    Thanks for answering my question, boys. Transmetropolitan looks right up my alley, and was mentioned to me by a friend whilst I was reading Preacher, but I got little info out of him other then "Yeah, it’s alright". That friend is clearly a bastard. Hellblazer looks great too… why do I ask these questions when I know it’ll cost me money?

    @Ron, I have no idea what the book is like but that artwork for The Maxx is astonishing, I’m definitely getting the first trade. And now I’m hungry.

  17. Sweet! I saw a commercial today about how I should only say things online like i’d say them to real people. I was going to leave a comment about how much I like Conor’s commercials better than Gordan’s… but I’m not going to leave negative comments anymore about how annoying Gordon the intern is. So you didn’t hear that from me. Great show! Love the bbq shows.

  18. Good show, I like that this can be a yearly event…The food look much better then the first one lol. But let’s see…three grown, sweaty men….in the heat…drinking some beer; cooking some sausages…I could go on but you see the sexual nature I’m going with this lol.

    If you guys starting having problems with buying books, why not just read them and not buy them? Seriously, I know it sounds sacriligious coming from a comic nerd, but if their too expensive I’m not wasting 4-5 bucks on a medicore title. Just go to a book store or comic store, read the titles, maybe buy the titles you really want, and then just post on this site without anyone the wiser. Hell if Ron can keep buying the Flash and the price still goes up…then your just helping the terrorist win.

    As for my top 5 titles currently, in no order: Nova, Walking Dead, Batman, Action Comics, and JSA. A little controversial, but Nova would probably be my #1 pick on the list. Not to say Action Comics is flawed, but I have loved Nova since issue 1 and Johns early work on AC was a little ‘meh’ So pick up Nova and GOTG if you havent yet, most fun you’ll have with a comic.

  19. Your wrong about hamburgers not needed to cooked all the way thought. They need to cooked all the way thought because normally on ungrided meat all the bacteria and such is on the outside. On a hamburger since it’s all grounded up all that bacteria on the outside in now also in the inside. That’s why people get salmonella from under cooking their burgers. That’s also why you can have your steaks blue and not get sick they only grill the outside to kill all the bacteria.

    My top five titles right know are Omega the Unknown(one more issue), The Goon,The Incredible Hercules, Criminal, and Jonah Hex.


  20. BTW – we’re working on the Small Quicktime, getting it to download correctly – so stay tuned…

  21. Josh looks like Ron and Conors annoying little brother who won’t go away…

  22. "Bone Suckin’ Sauce"!  Sounds scrumptious. Only in New York? Steer clear of the jacuzzi if you see the sauce and no wings around, eh, Josh?  

    Somebody point me to the shop where I can just read comics off the shelf and put ’em back. While you’re at it point me to a grocery store where I can do the same. For some reason my LCS’s in business to do business and not act as a library. And what the hell happened to $3.25, $3.50 and $3.75 anyway?    

  23. Nothing like a "Tim Allen" Bar-B-Q!!  No veggies, just MEAT!!, brings out the caveman in all of us.

  24. @HipHopHead – Onions are vegetables.

  25.  Did Ron learn his italian grilling technique from Giada De Laurentiis of the food network? And where did he learn to sweat like that? Shaq?

  26. oh cool I just saw this, thanks for taking the time out to answer my question fellas!  I’m gonna take a copy of MA Spider-man as an example, I hadn’t thought of the MA line as a possible option.  By the way, what kind of beer were you enjoying there Coner?

  27. @Kimbo – Sam Adams Light.  It was okay, and also all Ron had.

  28. OK, cool, quicktime is working. Thanks, Ron.

  29. I know about the burger thing and ground meat.  I’m not sure why I said it, other than I’m in idiot and it was 110 degrees.  Still I hate overcooked beef.

  30. Josh, if you are ever compelled to use leaner meat for health or wife-told-me-to reasons, try mixing crushed dry stuffing mix in with your ground meat. As the meat cooks the breading retains moisture so your meat stays juicy, and if you use good stuffing (I prefer Bell and Evan’s) you get some nice added flavor too.

    I make a killer (he says immodestly) turkey burger with the above approach plus some BBQ sauce and cumin. 

  31. If you soak the skewers in water, they won’t burst into flames.

  32. @Litda – Look about 22 comments above yours.  🙂

  33. ;o; I actually skimmed through and missed it, sorry.

  34. This reminds me a lot of that part of Scott Pilgrim vs The World where Stephen Stills explains the cooking process during their conversation.

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