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iFanboy #73 – Stan Lee

Show Notes

Stan Lee literally needs no introduction. He is the well from which many of the great ideas of Marvel Comics sprung, and at 85 years old, he’s got more energy and enthusiasm than anyone.

Joined by Jeff Cannata from the The Totally Rad Show, Stan weathers a barrage of questions posed by iFanboy users. Stan talks about the early days of Marvel, his creation of The Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and even Giant-Man. Find out how Stan worked with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, and if you’re lucky, you catch something about Stan’s new book, Election Daze. He even talks about his Iron Man cut scene!

This is Stan, off-script, candid, and having a whole of of fun with iFanboy.


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  1. Go, Josh!  Show that Totally Rad Guy whose Stan’s left hand guy!

  2. Or is it right hand?  Ah, I don’t know, but you show ’em!

  3. LOL. I’m so stupid.

    My question for Jesus?

    "Yo son. Got any black in you?" 

  4. Stan "the man" still has it, even after all these years.  Something I’ve noticed is that as the years go by he seems to be getting more humble *gasp* and really stressing the fact that there were other incredibly talented people who were so important to the formation of these characters and stories. 

  5. Aww, man. That was awesome. What an honor to just be able to sit with Stan and talk.

    They showed my question! .. But didn’t ask it, they went for one below mine about the manga. Damn.

  6. It was awesome to see Stan answer the question I had and I can not thank Ifanboy enough for the chance to ask a question to Stan Lee.

  7. A big CONGRATZ!!!

    You have been honored to meet/interview Stan the Man. (I wish Marvel would come out with Omnibus version of The Origins of Marvel Comics, Son of Origins of Marvel Comics, Bring on the Bad Guys, etc books.

    I am running down the list of Comic Creator Icons in my brain, and I am thinking of all the folks Ifanboy has interviewed, and I want to know "Who is the next big "get" that u guys would like to interview? 

  8. Good to see Jeff getting work……lol

    Congrats guys I dont know if I would be able to speak in the presence of "the Man". Cant believe Conor would miss this, he is cooler than Hef in my book.

  9. EPIC!…that has to be my favorite episode you guys have done.

  10. you guys just took the #1 spot away from wordballoon and the bendis tapes on the ‘greatest comic book podcasting thing ever’. mega congratulations.


    even if you didn’t use my questions! 

  11. Cool! iFanboy is gettin’ the A list guests.

  12. @Optimus187Prime – I didn’t miss anything, I was there the whole time.

  13. It’s so weird to have made STAN LEE aware of a character that now inhabits his universe. I can only hope he took the time to find out who The Sentry was after this Q & A. I think he’ll be quite fascinated when he learns of Bob’s rich history with The Avengers and F4.

    You guys raise the bar every week. Being a comic book fan wasn’t half as much fun before IFanboy. 


    @Conor – did Stan find out you were the DC guy?   

  14. This Vodcast reinforced why I love Stan Lee more than members of my family.

    Nothing gets you ready for a long day at work than seeing Stan Lee. 

  15. Awesome stuff guys – I frickin’ love that man

    My son is being born in October and we’re calling him Stanley

    My wife thinks it’s just because I like the name – lol!

  16. Wow! That was amazing, easily the best show you guys have done. I cannot believe Mr Lee is 85, he’s so full of life and a total inspiration to everyone.

    Guys, I can’t thank you enough for asking my question. It was a complete honour just to hear Stan answer it, and you can rest assured a hefty donation is coming your way come payday. Thank you, and once again proof that iFanboy is the greatest site out there.

    (PS: I didn’t know it would become a point of discussion, but if you run into Mr Lee again my surname is Crabb)  🙂 

  17. That was such a treat to watch. Thanks for continuing the kick-assedness of your podcasting. Right on.

  18. WAHAHA. too bad you guys didn’t ask my question but i SAW my question and name above the question that you asked in the screenshots. that made my day. thanks dudes! BEST EPISODE EVAR. 😀

  19. What a stud that man is. So cool.

     I thought it was interesting though, how he commented on the questioner not using his real name, doesn’t Stan Lee live under a pen name himself? Just a thought.  

  20. What a great episode. Thank you guys for bringing us this stuff. I hope I have half the energy, humor and brightness that Stan does when I’m his age. What a great man who brought the world such great creations (especially when filtered through Kirby or Ditko). The best personality in comics history by a mile. And thanks for asking him my question!

  21. Stan,did you ever think that when you made marvel characters it would go on the big screen?







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