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iFanboy #59 – Cities in the DC Universe & A Marvel Comics Guide to New York City

Show Notes

Gotham City… Metropolis… Star City… the names of these cities are almost as famous as the characters who inhabit them. But what do those cities mean to the stories that take place in them and the characters who live there?

This week, iFanboy takes a look comic book cities both famous and not so famous in the DC Universe.

After that, with the trusty Marvel Comics Guide to New York City in tow, iFanboy takes to the streets to visit the famous Marvel Comics landmarks of New York City. It all wraps up with an impromptu quiz of DC cities in which Ron can be found exclaiming “But I’m the Marvel guy!”


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  1. I loved this show!  Great work!

  2. As a former New Yorker, I LOVED this show. I had no idea about "Avengers Mansion" being based off of a real building! Awesome.

  3. LOVED the reference to Lewiston/Auburn. I go to Bates in Lewiston and I can’t go 5 steps off campus without hearing about the "twin cities" or "the real L/A"

  4. Best Episode Ever!  Living across the river, I always thought it would be fun to do a comic book tour of the city – now that there’s a book I’ll definitely have to do it.  Loved the quiz too – 6/6 what a geek!

  5. I enjoyed this episode for tour of NYC & various spotlight of DC & Marvel cities in this video podcast.  Great job guys!!!



  6. wow, awesome show, guys.  Didn’t know doc strange’s crib is THAT close to NYU..

  7. Best episode ever! 

  8. ahahahaha, fantastic episode! I’m actually in NYC for the weekend (don’t worry, I plan to go to Jim Hanley’s Universe tomorrow). A lot of this stuff I already knew about, I guess I’m a huge geek.


    So where’s the fantastic four tower?


    Also, Lewiston-Auburn = HILARIOUS 

  9. And this, gents, is why iFanboy is the best comic site on the net! I agree with everyone else who said this is the best episode you guys have done yet! A really original idea for a show, funny as hell, and really informative.

    Having never been to New York I’d be so intrigued to go see these places, so this was the next best thing! My favourite part? "BOO-YA!!!"

    (By the way, anyone seen the new Iron Man trailer? Damn, that’s some good trailer!) 

  10. one of the best.

  11. Ron’s expressions throguhout the quiz show had me laughing out loug at work.

  12. Great show!!! That  DC quiz was hard i only got 3 points 🙁

  13. Loved this episode. I’ve recently both moved to New York and bought the Marvel guide and after seeing this I have no excuse not to take the tour myself.

  14. better late then never.

    great ep., guys!   


  15. Good show. I agree that NYC IS Marvel and it was good to see the locales and know how safe it is on Staten Island (relatively).

    As a side FF note, didn’t Mark Waid establish that the Yancy Street gang doesn’t actually exist and it’s all the Torch prankin on the Thing? 

  16. fun show, but you guys kept saying  "corpse" in the beginning.  Its pronounced "core" 😛

  17. I think they do that on purpose.  Right?

  18. I believe it’s sort of a runnig gag that Ron can’t say that word.  I don’t remember though.

  19. Yeah Ron’s the one always saying "Green Lantern Corpse"  Someone needs to make him a t-shirt with that on it.

  20. I know I’m way late to the party on watching this podcast.  Oh well.

    Anyway, I’ve always loved how New York has historically been the center of the comics world.  Stories of Jack Kirby and Will Eisner growing up in New York and having it impact their comics so much has always been a fascinating topic for me.  Thanks for doing this little spin around the Big Apple!  For a mid-westerner who has only ever read about about these things, it was nice to have a visual representation.

  21. LexCorp is from the comics, LuthorCorp is from Smallville.

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