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iFanboy #230 – More All Ages Comics

Show Notes

Comics aren’t just for 35 year old dudes anymore! Nope, publishers and creators are making a valiant effort to produce comics for everyone. They’re not always the easiest to find, but we’re here to help.

For the young kids, there are Yo Gabba Gabba comics from Oni Press. There are also books from Image/Shadowline like T. Runt and Dear Dracula.

As the kids get older, you can find plenty more books that are for young and old alike. Check out Fraggle Rock from Archaia, or the Three Thieves series from cartoonist Scott Chantler, for fantasy adventure. Even Marvel superstar Brian Michael Bendis and his longtime collaborator Michael Avon Oeming produced the kid friendly superhero book, Takio. Then, everyone should be able to find something fun in the western Reed Gunther, from Image Comics. Finally, there’s a Eisner winning original fairy tale, Return of the Dapper Men from Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee.

Comics can be good for everyone, even kids!


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  1. sweet!! watching this on a Tuesday!

  2. nice, Didn’t have HBO growing up either, but somehow i knew the sound. i’ve always found censorship F%@king funny. great show guys. thanks

  3. You guys are bleeping hilarious.

  4. Thanks for doing half my x-mas shopping iFanboy!

  5. I’m glad you guys said that about Blue’s Clues!! Because I’m eighteen, and enjoyed the *bleep* out of that show when I was a kid! By the way, what could you guys have POSSIBLY been saying, during the credits, that required that much bleeping?! Loved the show.

  6. The NY comic con add scared the shit out of me!
    Cool episode 🙂

  7. As a fellow fan of Blues Clues and Steve I found this piece he did for The Moth pretty awesome.


  8. Such a fun episode, guys. I feel 10 years younger.

    PS. Really need to hear the credits sequence uncensored. Looked like bleeping good time.

  9. Great show, guys. Very timely, in fact; the Beguiling in Toronto just created a kids-only comic-book store (the first in North America). You can probably find most of these books there! littleislandcomics.com

  10. I like how Ron says, “WE don’t do enough for kids” as he lumps himself in with the comics industry. Love you guys, but the name dropping from episode 300 and now the WE comment is starting to get to be too much. “I have his number,” says Josh, “So do I” replies Ron, in reference to Scott Snyder’s phone number. All well, I still love iFanboy.

  11. Any chance we can get the uncensored version of this? lol

    Midgets and donkeys… I love Conor

  12. Nice quick episode. I enjoyed the very young readers picks by Josh.

    Oh, and when is someone going to make a Little Critters comic?

  13. Awesome intro. My kids loved Return of the Dapper Men (and so did I.)

  14. I am now terrified of New York Comic Con. Yikes.

  15. Midgets and donkeys. Wow.

  16. Best opening yet.

  17. I like the amount of profanity in a show about all ages books. Good job guys!

  18. great show guys….i’m going to keep a few of those on my mind for gifts for the nieces and nephews.
    I’d love it if mainstream could go back to a true all ages….*sigh* dark, gritty and ‘real’ it is.

    Josh is right….Yo Gabba Gabba is pure INSANITY.

    Its kinda funny that the comics community laments the good old days of selling 250k copies as the norm and books were all all ages, sold in more mainstream locations and returnable …..and they got rid of that and the industry is in a rough place. hmm.

    golly gee whiz, if only there were a proven blueprint to make the industry healthier…if only….

  19. Funniest video ever. Ron’s face when he said BombQueen is ah-mazing. Also really good picks. My cousins loved G-Man. I’ll be picking up Three Thieves for them this X-Mas.

  20. No Axe Cop or Super Dinosaur?

  21. Super Dinosaur is awesome, I’m 23 and love it and I have 3 younger siblings (candace is 8, nicholas is 9, and don is 10) who also love it.

  22. Thanks for pointing out a few books I’d never heard of. I just finished Takio before I try giving it to my daughter. I hope she likes it.

    It was a bit creepy when Conor got a bit too happy about “BJ the Bear” and giving kids candy. That was some awkward viewing.

  23. Tiny Titans is the only comic book my daughter has liked so far. We got a sub to Scooby Doo, but it wasn’t even fun for me to read. It’s way too text heavy for a comic book.

  24. “Finding Nemo’s Scary.” What a quote, if taken out of context. Same thing with “Midgets and Donkeys” 🙂

    Poll: Bomb Queen Cover > or = *bleep* ?

  25. God i wish i had this stuff to read as a kid. i was five and went into my grandparents bookshelf and pulled out a Robert Crumb comic, instantly flipping to a page of Crumb receiving fellatio. If you want to fuck up your kid give them robert crumb.

  26. I would recommend the new Mega Man series as a all ages book. Fun stuff, plus I remember watching Blues Clues as a little kid, good times.

  27. Lmao at that cold open. I’m surprised Conor didn’t bring Stray Bullets as well.

  28. My 10 year old has been reading Amelia Rules! since she was about 6. And it is scary and sad and very sophisticated and my daughter gets it. Good stuff. http://www.ameliarules.com/

  29. I subscribe all my nephews, and kids of my friends to titles in the Marvel all ages line. I also make sure they all have access to my complete collection of Marvel Mighty Muggs when they come over. They dash to the Muggs to begin battles. My one friend’s 5 yo son, just got his first Silver Surfer toy, and he immediately said to his Mom “Uncle Mark will love this!” I work hard to spread the comic book hobby to kids.

    I am responsible for at least 6 kids loving comic book heroes! If we all did this, 6x new kids in the hobby per 30-something fanboy would be a great multiplier.

  30. So glad to see you guys address this again. I have a 9 year old son and I’m so frustrated at how the publishers have turned their back on young readers (who often times grow into old readers). There is a huge disconnect there. My son wants to read superhero books but the publishers couldn’t care less. Take the New 52. He wants to invest in an ongoing series. He wants to be excited about what I’m reading and what’s going on in comics but he can’t. The books just aren’t written with him in mind. One example, I’ve noticed that every book I’ve ready from the New 52 has some amount of profanity in it. It’s a conscious decision on the publisher’s part but one that’s really frustrating.

  31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwmtkFPYXsg this is what steve did during his off time at blues clues

  32. that was one hell of an edit, let me tell you.

  33. Great episode.

    Probably my favorite cold open ever. Conor talking about ‘That Yellow Bastard’ had me in tears.

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