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iFanboy #211 – The ‘Thor’ Trailer, Simonson Thor Omnibus, & Top 5 All-Time Thor Artists

Show Notes

With the impending North American release of Thor in theaters on May 6, we take on the thunder god…

The ‘Thor’ Trailer

Ron Richards takes a good hard look at the Thor trailer, and tells you what you’ll need to know before you get to the theater, and also points out a few things that long time Thor fans will appreciate. You never knew so much about Jane Foster!

The Mighty Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus

Conor Kilpatrick got himself a big heavy copy of The Mighty Thor by Walter Simonson Omnibus, and he’ll let you know whether it’s worth all the hype. Take a look at the stunning artwork that people have been talking about for 25 years, and what may be the definitive Thor story for the ages.

Top 5 All-Time Thor Artists

Finally, Josh Flanagan, from a Midgard street counts down the Top 5 All-Time Thor Artists, and what makes it so. One thing is clear: Thor has had some of the best artists in the history of comics render his Asgardian majesty. Who’s the best? Simonson? The King? You’ll have to watch.


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  1. Well. Someones angry.

    Nice episode guys! 

  2. @Jordan0061  You can comment that you don’t like the show, but it’s not OK to insult the other users. Here are the Terms of Service if you’d like to try again.

  3. At first I thought “Ah man, another anthology!” But as the show went, I came to quite enjoy it. Great guys, as always.

    Question to Conor, and everyone else: In regard to Walt Simonson’s Thor run, is it written in the overwrought “say what you’re doing again and again” 80’s style?

  4. @josh. Didn’t insult the other users, I was prompting myself for the onslaught of abuse. Disappointing that you removed my post, thought you guys were into freedom of speech but anyway; this show absolutely sucked. Was waiting a long time for this episode and instead of doing an on the couch type thing like you did for Iron Man, Green Lantern & The Flash you do some nonsense. I like Ron but I don’t care about things we may have missed in the trailer. Talk about the comic. I don’t know anything about Thor and was looking forward to this show for two weeks, what new things did I learn? Nothing. What a missed opportunity, a bit like the Joker ep you did before the new year, badly produced and badly written, especially for a great character. Also 15 mins of footage? For a preminent Marvel hero? Don’t slack when it comes to the big characters, you are doing a disservice to your fans, especially your members and that particularly enrages me no end. I hope that this post is not deleted as I think I warrants valid discussion

  5. Great episode, guys! I for one thought it was a worthy look at Thor in different aspects.

  6. @Jordan0061 Hahahaha, I remember your excited “NEXT WEEK IS THOR!!”

    Bummer you ain’t happy with the episode, but your misfortune makes me laugh, so thank you for that.

    Swell episode dudes.  Thanks for schooling me on what the hell the destroyer armor actually is.  Maybe I’m just stupid, but I never context clues’d it, and was always a little in the dark on what was goin on with that bastard suit of armor. 

  7. Haven’t seen this episode yet but I have seen the movie (early release in Australia – yay!). It’s worth the wait, folks – treat yourself to IMAX 3D if you can.

  8. You didn’t chuckle just a little?  A tad?  An itty bitty bit?  At least we’ll have those swell memories.
  9. I agree with The Incredible Hulk. How dare the guys put out an episode of THEIR podcast, that they give away for FREE, and cover the subject however they please. It’s not like they just recently SLAVED through 3 cons, to give us HOURS of great content.

    I mean, seriously, how do you guys sleep at night?

    Here endeth the anti-rant.

    Nice little interlude to the world of Thor. Also, I would like to submit Chris Samnee’s name as number 6 on the list.

  10. Red rings are flying towards that guy’s house, he’s so enraged.


  11. OK, let’s talk about the show, and leave the moderation to us please.

  12. Is anyone else scared that Conor has the power of Thor now?

  13. The Simonson Thor issues have always been something that I’ve been contemplating getting, since not only do I love what I’ve read that features the character, but I’ve yet to read a single page of Simonson’s run. Before I get this omnibus, though, I thing I’ll get the first Visionaries trade to test the waters.

  14. Fun episode. I just received my Simonson Omnibus and I am thrilled with it!  The only other Thor run I have read is the JMS run (which I really liked) and I am not sure if I am going to stick with the Fraction stuff–it doesn’t seem like he has a story to tell. I’d love for this movie to be good.

  15. Sorry, Josh. *Hangs head in shame.*

    Damn, that Omnibus is big. It’s good for reading AND bludgeoning somone to death. Would love to own it.

    Note to self. Win the lottery. Buy Thor Omnibus.

    PS. Good thing I don’t believe in omens or that black cat would have me worried.

  16. I love it when you guys are on the couch conversing, playing off one another.  This format works too. 

    Let me put it this way; I’m getting that Simonson Omnibus and I’ve only read Thor in the pages of Avengers.  I have been convinced.

  17. I dont understand how someone can be mad at a free show that was produced for the sole purpose to entertain us. Now whether you were entertained more or less with this show than others is of course your opinion, but to call it terrible or boring is ridiculous. Just remember, the guys dont have to make these videos, so take what you can get and enjoy. great show guys thanks for all the free content you give us everyday.

  18. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Simonson Thor Omnibus is one of my new favorite literary possessions. They did a great job with it. 

  19. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I learned of the Thor Simonson Omnibus on ifanboy.com

  20. I was a little disappointed to not see the usual format that you guys provide, i.e. all sitting together and suggesting different books.  A great show though, and a good idea for one:)

  21. samnee got snubbed

  22. Those recolored simonson  pages are gorgeous. I liked this episode. More analysis of things like the trailer. 

  23. If you can lift that omnibus, does that mean you’re worthy?

  24. Don’t know squat about Thor, but just ordered the Omnibus. Looks too good to pass up.

  25. Josh, where was your Segment filmed? It was weird and stuff, it had naturally lighting, fresh air and there were other stange people out there. it scared me.

  26. also, it looks like i missed a massive cat fight in this thread. damn it

  27. Very good episode guys. Not usually too crazy about the 3 seperate segment style of episode but the content was excellent in this one. Samnee also gets my vote as one of the best Thor artists.

  28. Wait, so Thor is opening in the US tomorrow? That’s weird. It opened here in South Africa last week already. That never happens.

    Anyway, great show as usual, guys.

  29. That omnibus is so huge it spills out into Ron and Josh’s segments!

  30. What about the Destroyer vs. The Annihliator?

    I didn’t realize Midgard was actually Queens.
    Who knew. 

  31. @ericmci  that wasn’t Queens.

  32. Really enjoyed this show, got me pumped for reading some Thor. Definitely want to invest in that omnibus sometime, it looks fantastic.

  33. @edward Oh man, it was awesome.  I wish you’d been here for it.  Deleted posts left and right, cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA!!

  34. Would you guys ever consider doing a show on Daredevil? I know at least one or two of you were fans of Bendis’s run, and as there’s a new run starting soon (by Mark Waid, no less), it seems like the perfect time to do a show on him.

  35. @TheGoddamnDeadpool  Probably not any time soon, but I’m sure down the road at some point.

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