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iFanboy #209 – WonderCon 2011 (Part Two)

Show Notes

The iFanboy comic convention whirlwind continues as Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick find themselves in San Francisco for WonderCon. WonderCon is one of our most favorite shows and this year did not disappoint!

Tyler Crook

We never heard of him before March, but now that we’re aware of Tyler Crook, we’re loving his artwork. The new artist on B.P.R.D. for Dark Horse Comics unveiled the graphic novel he’s been working on for years for Oni Press, Petrograd, a historical fiction graphic novel about the assassination of Mad Monk of Russia, Rasputin. We have a feeling that it’s going to be a hit and Crook is an artist we’ll be talking to a lot in the future.

Jeph Loeb

What’s this? Captain America: White is actually happening? According to Jeph Loeb it is. He also gives us an update on the world of Marvel TV, from the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon to the live action TV shows that he can’t comment about.

Judd Winick

A year and 24 issues of Justice League: Generation Lost later, Judd Winick talks to us about the success of his year long, bi-monthly epic with some classic and new characters. He also expands on his work on Power Girl and his upcoming 3 issue arc on Batman and Robin.

Rick Remender

Only Rick Remender could add “dick-tits” to the cultural lexicon, and with his new video game Bulletstorm, he did just that. He also writes comic books, like the hit books Uncanny X-Force and Venom, and Rick talks to us about his approach and work with multiple artists on both books and what to expect from the books in the future.


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  1. …Talks So Fast 

  2. The opening is absolutely brilliant!!! 🙂 Makes me laugh so much. What’s the project Loeb is working with Campbell? Never heard of it up until this interview.

  3. Well done guys, last couple of minutes was funny. Next week Thor???

  4. Excellent show!

    Is there some way to let Judd Winick know that I don’t hate him? Poor guy always gets unfairly torn apart on the internet. Guess I’ll just keep reading his stuff.

  5. @RapidEyeMovement We’ll buy a card and have the whole class sign it.

    I agree though.  He gets ripped apart frequently, but I’ve always enjoyed everything I’ve read by him.  To the point where I read anything with his name on it. 

  6. Great show boys. Really like the talent in this and part 1.

    I love you too, Loeb. No matter what these goons say about ya.

    Winnick is always a good time. A smart guy with a helluva sense of humor. And always nice. Lookin forward to his B&R issues.

    I’m a newly ordained Remender fan, so I’ve neer seen him interviewed before. He’s one funny dude. The kinda guy I’d have a beer with.

  7. No footage of the Isotope events?  I can definitely understand though.  I was there.  Those places were packed with barely enough room to snap a picture with a camera let alone footage.  Especially Saturday night, the Isotope was elbow to elbow.

  8. great show guys, and congrats on the cool ads in the DC books!

  9. I enjoy the convention shows but I really miss the “three dudes on the couch chatting about comics” format when it’s been gone this long!

  10. Rick Remember is one of the best interviews in comics. Hilarious and real dude.

  11. Wow this one was long….and awesome. Thanks for the hard work guys 

  12. Great work on these last six episodes, guys. And yes, those openings were great. If you have time to do more of them in the future, I think they’d be worth it.

    Really glad to hear from Winick. He reminded me that I need to pick up that first Generation Lost hardcover. I’ve only been reading Power Girl and I’d really like to know what happened in that main book.

  13. the amount of smoke ron managed to blow up loeb and remainder’s backsides was very impressive

  14. Hi, did someone know what kind of watch Judd Winick is wearing?

  15. Damn I love the intros on these con episodes. Please keep’em coming.

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