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iFanboy #184 – New York Comic Con 2010 (Part Two)

Show Notes

It’s been a while, but the last big convention of the year was held in New York City from October 8-10, and iFanboy was there. Join us for part two of our one-of-a-kind comic book coverage, as we stalk the Jacob K. Javits Center for the best talent in comics, and bring them to you.

Nicola Scott enjoys drawing team comic books, which is a good thing because her new book with writer J.T. Krul is one of the most famous (and beleaguered) team comics of all time: Teen Titans.

A.J. Lieberman is one of the minds behind the innovative Cowboy Ninja Viking series from Image Comics but that’s not all! He’s also got a crime book from Image Comics’ Shadowline imprint called Term Life.

Declan Shalvey has made a splash on the American comic book scene with his fill-in work on Thunderbolts. Hailing from Ireland, Declan Shalvey is excited to be drawing Marvel characters, even if he is a bit hung over for our interview.

David Petersen was but the latest hot indie creator with his new book called Mouse Guard when last we spoke to him. Now? Now, David Petersen commands a veritable Mouse Guard empire and he could buy and sell us at his whim.

Phil Hester has had a long career in comics as both a celebrated artist and writer, including his current books: The Darkness and Days Missing. And now you can add cartoon creator to that list now that his creator owned book Firebreather is about to premiere on the Cartoon Network.

Brian Michael Bendis might be the busiest man in comic books. When he’s not writing The New Avengers and Avengers and Avengers: Prime and Powers he’s also writing Scarlet, Ultimate Spider-Man and developing two new books: Moon Knight and an all-ages project with Michael Avon Oeming called Takio.

Come back next week for Part 3 of our New York Comic Con 2010 coverage!


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  1. I don’t want to speak on behalf of the entire iFanbase, but I’m sure everyone would agree the new video player is far superior than the one from Revision3.

  2. Hey guys… Where are the download links for the file? Thanks…

  3. I think we all appreciate it, Mr. Bendis.

    It’s good to see that Paul’s fruit eating skills are as exceptional as his beard growing skills. 

  4. Sorry but I can’t load it on iTunes. Is there a direct download, if yes i can’t find the link.


    But I am glad you guys are back 🙂

  5. Can we direct download this?

  6. I think that Mr. Bendis’s closing statement about cosplayers is truly worthy of praise.

    Great video all round!

  7. Gentlemen, a technical question:

    Have you changed the codecs on the HD version? The video on itunes is crashing repeatedly. Nicola Scott’s segment forward is freeze city. Same thing with episode 183 (which I had already watched via the new, snazzy flash player). However, if I queue up 182, the last of the Rev3 episodes, it plays fine. 

    What’s going on here? Any suggestions?  

  8. The direct download links have been added – we’ll be sure to have them moving forward.

  9. @RobAsten – the codec onthe HD version is H.264 and I haven’t seen any issues with crashing or freezing.  email us at contact AT ifanboy.com with your specs (OS, app watching it with etc) and we’ll see if we can replicate it

  10. Thanks for working your asses off for us.  Great stuff guys.

  11. The link on the SD one is missing the 4v at the end

     awesome work, glad the video show is back 

  12. Content-wise, a cool episode. Thanks.

  13. @Ron thank you so much for the download link, on the SD link is a typo http://blip.tv/file/get/Ifanboy-ifanboy0184nycc2010part2452.m missung "4v"

  14. hahaha the conor and nicola scott interview was so awkward (and awesome)

  15. @Gramercy: Awkward how?

  16. Hey guys, this show and last week’s aren’t showing up on my iTunes for some reason; do you know what’s up with that?

  17. Not my iTunes — I meant my iPod; they don’t port over for some reason.

  18. @Gramercy: hahaha, i didn’t find the interview awkward at all, but now i wish i did, because picturing it being like that is hilarious.  Man, i wish it had been awkward.  Damn you Gramercy for teasing me with that hilarious false reality… and i want a hidden camera watching Connor as he reads your post.

  19. Looks like the link has been fixed – sorry about that everyone

    @heroville – not sure why – you may need to re-sync yout iPod to get the show – I would recommend the SD version for an iPod 

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  21. I do like this player more than the Revision3 one. It runs smoother on my comp. 


  22. Works fine on my iPod. Or iPhone 3GS with the most recent OS.

  23. Thanks, I always enjoy these.  I might not read his books anymore but that Bendis is a super cool guy.

  24. Awww I want a free Cobra hug! : (

  25. I am also having problems when i try to watch the show on iTunes.  It just constantly freezes.  Great episode though.  Loved the back to the future guy from last week haha.

  26. I too would like to thank all the fine women who dressed in amazing outfits. It was awesome seeing you guys there and meeting you in person! What a great experience for my first con.

  27. @heroville @ron

    I’m having the same problem.  I can download fine but the video won’t sync to my ipod.  I’ve tried several different settings and re-syncs.

    I’m on a 30gb ipod classic.

  28. @Gramercy @conor I didn’t find it awkward, but she did cover up and play with her ring. A lot.

  29. Nicola Scott is def sexy.


    Oh And talented.  Very talented.




  30. @Clobbertron ..What does it mean when she bites her lower lip when being interviewed by Conor?

  31. Loving the new video player.  Excellent con work as always gentlemen!

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