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iFanboy #172 – San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Anthology (Part One)

Show Notes

It’s that time of year again — San Diego Comic-Con 2010 is upon us! Before you head to the biggest comic book and pop culture convention in the world iFanboy’s got all the advice, tips, and previews you might need to make your San Diego Comic-Con experience the best it can be.

Tips For Aspiring Creators At San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Are you an aspiring comic book creator heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 hoping to find your big break into comics? Josh has some tips that’ll increase your chances of making a god impression.

The Top Ten Things You Need To Survive At San Diego Comic-Con

There are certain items that everyone needs to bring with them to survive San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Conor’s got the Top Ten.

Things Not To Miss At San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Ron takes you through the schedule of panels and events and recommends the not-to-miss events at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Plus — where and when to find iFanboy!


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  1. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    2010!! Love the background, Ron (& the sideburns). Have a great Con, and I’m psyched for all the coverage!

  2. Man, I so wish was going after watching this video!  Deodorant…lol

  3. So bummed I can’t be there – have a great time, guys.

  4. I’m not sure why Conor tossed the condoms, I hear about people hooking up at San Diego all the time

  5. sorry about my last comment, i been doing some drinking tonight. i live 2 hours away from sd now, i kind of wanted to go the last couple of years, but i know some homies that know some homies who do comedy and stuff, and they not down with the bigness of comic con now days. i still want to go, maybe i should hit up smaller cons before i tackle sdcc

  6. I’m sure Conor needs the condoms for San Diego when he shows the ladies his Giant Sized Man Thing.

  7. Josh a Nats fan?? really?

  8. I can’t believe hand sanitizer wasn’t on the list.  That’s my #1.

  9. Woo!  Someone other than me liking the Nats?!  But I’m guessing that’s not why Josh is wearing the hat.  Perhaps he just likes The Rap Music (for some reason that I think is not connected to baseball, rappers really seem to like the curly W hat).

  10. Seriously? What’s with the Nats cap? I live in DC and I don’t know any Nats fans. Or at least not any that would openly wear their gear…

  11. No no, you misunderstand. I bought the baseball cap least likely to get people to talk to get people to talk to me about baseball in my neighborhood. Through consultation, we decided on this one. Me, I just wanted a red hat.

  12. Hahaha. That’s acceptable…I guess.

    Best joke ever? "That shouldn’t be in here." 

  13. @conor I’m surpised you didn’t mention money.  How much would you recommend for a first time goer?

  14. I can attest to the importance of bringing your ID, and then not leaving it in the back of a cab.

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