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iFanboy #168 – Old Ads: Tales of Suspense #57, Cowboy Ninja Viking, The Superhero Dictionary

Show Notes

It’s another Anthology episode, because hey, everyone has diverse interests! This week, Josh Flanagan shows us some Old Ads in a classic comic book. They’re real old, as in 1964 old. Ron Richards delves into the world of Cowboy Ninja Viking, and Conor Kilpatrick revisits his childhood, and sees that he really got some use out of The Superhero Dictionary.

Old Ads: Tales of Suspense #57

Josh explores the world of comic book ads from Hawkeye’s first appearance way back in 1964’s Tales of Suspense #57. It’s nothing other than a bargain to be able to learn the art of Yubizawa for $1.98. Seriously.

Cowboy Ninja Viking

Ron tries to explain the madness that is Cowboy Ninja Viking, and the world of triplicate assassins in the new Image Comics series from AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo. When a katana won’t do, try a battle axe, or maybe a Spencer rifle. You’d be hard pressed to find a more original series out there.

The Superhero Dictionary

Conor digs out a book that was very important to his childhood. Not only did The Superhero Dictionary from DC Comics provide valuable information on grammar, but it taught you who was who in the Justice League. See some of Conor’s earliest artwork as a bonus!


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  1. Who would have known Conor skipped pencils and went straight to inking as a young child?

  2. i’m inclined to agree with the young Conor…there is too much exposed female flesh in comics! but i don’t think i’d g so far as to colour my comics in…hmm maybe i should. i certainly won’t need to give them bigger cleavages.

  3. I vaguely recall drawing on comics as a lad too. If only I could open a window through time and yell at my younger self.

  4. Holy.. I hadn’t seen the Wednesday Comics Collection yet(store doesn’t have it), damn… that’s..damn

  5. Uhhh…some of those pen scratches are kinda creepy. Like serial killer creepy.

  6. @ron Yes. More people should be reading Cowboy Ninja Viking.

    @conor Maybe be the attacking coat-tails was his invention and not the punching bag.

    @josh I’ve got nothing

  7. "I weigh only 98lbs-Yet I can paralyze a 200 pound attacker with just a finger-because I know Yubiwaza!"

    That’s…..that’s inspired. 

  8. A Cowboy Ninja Viking segment in a Lifetime shirt?  Ron wins this round hands down.

  9. awesome episode, hard to believe little conor was such a prude, and I have to ask where Josh got that shirt!

  10. I’m notI don’t get the opening joke. Is it a playful jab at bag and boarders?

  11. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @JJ – Only if you’re really fishing for it. 

  12. The Wednesday Comics thing? Man, you think everyone’s coming after you don’t you?

    It’s really big, which makes it funny. That’s it.

    Now, I’m not sure it’s funny anymore that I’ve had to explain it.  Thanks for ruining the joke, pal!

  13. Uhm, sorry?

    Just asking. Just a question…

  14. You taking a jab at me? Hunh? Is that it, pal?

  15. *facepalm*

  16. Conor, you crack me up. your whole segment was hilarious. your an awesome artist!

  17. At first I thought you drew on Supergirl’s legs.

  18. I mean I thought you drew hair on her legs.

  19. conor should give the super dictionary to josh’s kid so he can learn words and how to make coattails that kill

  20. Love the old ads segment, Josh. Hope to see it again.

  21. From Super Dictionary:


    Superman! What are you doing with that giant teaspoon? What are you doing with that giant eating tool?

    I’m taking it to the giant who has no teaspoons 


  22. heh heh "comically large" heh heh

  23. I believe a relative of mine got screwed over by those "Buy Your Songs" people.

    I am so tempted to buy the Super Dictionary off of Amazon.  why is the Atom so sad?  I’m guessing it has something to do with the brain damage he received back in the Bs.  oh, and who the hell is that mysterious hero in the yellow and purple?

  24. is that super dictionary where the lex luthor cake thing came from?



  25. Similar to Conor, (but probably a lot later in my life than when he did it, making it much worse) I colored in my Dragonball Z manga issues (the reprints they put out in the ’90s in single comic issue form).

  26. The Atom isn’t sad, his head hurts.

  27. Dammit Conor, look what you made me go and do.  iFanboy strikes my wallet again.


  28. Conor’s segment was too heartfelt. I’m a bit weirded out.

  29. I used to draw in my comics when I was younger, the same sort of thing as Conor, colouring in eyes, crossing out people I didn’t like… But more disturbing is this old notebook that I scribbled in when I was younger. I found it recently, and was kinda surprised to find I drew many pictures of the devil/various demons. Yeahhhh.

  30. Heh, I own (and regularly wear) the same shirt, Josh.

  31. @risible omg. u actually bought it?

    @ifanboy. wondering are you guys start doing those funny sponsor segments again? its been a long time. 

  32. @ron you sold me on getting cowboys ninja viking. thanks. =)

  33. @excalipoor Not ony did I buy it, it IS FREAKING AWESOME.  Thanks, Conor.  The material in it is comedy GOLD.

    The Hawman/Hawkgirl stuff alone was worth the price of admission.

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