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iFanboy #163 – ‘Stumptown’ with Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth

Show Notes

This interview was dug out of the vault!

Josh Flanagan talked to superstar writer Greg Rucka and artist Matthew Southworth way before anyone ever got a look at Stumptown, their Oni Press book about a female PI from Portland, Oregon named Dex Parios. There’s all sorts of talk about the craft of comics, and a deep look into the process

In the first part of our interview, Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth describe Stumptown, as well as talk about car chases in comics, page count, and trades vs. issues.

In the second part of our interview, they talk about the writer and artist collaboration, designing Stumptown and Dex’s world, and Rucka’s predilection for female protagonists.


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  1. Great episode. Watched it this morning. I can’t wait for the last issue to come out and I can read them all in one sitting, without delay.


  2. Awesome interview Josh! and your PSA was good, you should try to get it on PBS 🙂

  3. psssst i know where you live!

  4. Awesome episode.  Rucka is always a great interview.

  5. Matthew Southworth was great too.

  6. So it took them 2 years to come out with issue #1? Did you put in the shots of the pages more recently than the interview?

  7. It wasn’t supposed to come out for a while after this was shot. But there were delays. I edited this last week.

  8. bring the mothafuckin rucka – wu tang

  9. Don’t care how old it is, just so cool listening to Rucka!

  10. Great episode! Really enjoyed it!

  11. Is that park slope? Looks like park slope. Then again a lot of places look like park slope to me now…

  12. @joeislive: It’s not. To me it doesn’t really look anything like Park Slope, to be honest.

  13. like I said, everything looks like P.S. to me now… Is is at least Brooklyn? Give me that much lol!



  14. @joeislive: It’s not.

  15. Ah Interesting, I always thought you guys were based in NY?

  16. Although I realize that just because that wasn’t Brooklyn, that does not mean you still aren’t in NY.

    Oh well great episode as always, no matter where you guys shoot! 

  17. Wow. You guys are wonderful. I cannot believe you pulled a continuity trick.

    *This takes place between episode 056 and 057. XD

    I wish I could do the same with my comments.

  18. Great show!!! Still doesn’t negate the fact that this book seriously suffers from inconsistent releases.  Hopefully that will be remedied now that Greg’s out on his own again.

  19. Now I seriously regret not talking to Matt at Floating World where he did a signing.  I was tempted, but, he seemed busy.  Oh well. 

    They really have a great synchronicity that feels really genuine.  I really liked Matt talking about building the apartment and figuring out bits of Dex’s character.  That is the stuff I really like.

    Great interview Josh!  Can’t wait for more of them. 

  20. I signed up for an IFanboy account just so I can applaud AM Blastoff for a Wu Tang Clan reference. That kind of made my day.

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