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iFanboy #157 – WonderCon 2010

Show Notes

Greg Rucka

After a surprising announcement at WonderCon, Conor chats with Greg Rucka about how he’s no longer working for DC Comics and focusing on his creator owned work

Steve Seagle

Steve Seagle, one of the Man of Action crew and creators of the Ben 10 cartoon series, chats with Ron about the news about Crusades, previously published by Vertigo/DC Comics moving to Image Comics, as well as his upcoming kids book, Frankie Stein.

James Robinson

James Robinson, writer of “War of the Supermen” and Justice League of America and native San Francisco resident checks in with Ron about the plans for his upcoming books and how he has no plans to kill or maim any super heroes any more as well as some news about the format of his upcoming Shade mini series.

Ethan Van Sciver

Fresh off completing The Flash: Rebirth, Mike Romo chats with artist Ethan Van Sciver about drawing The Flash and what it took to redesign the costumes of the fastest heroes around.

iFanboy & Isotope Comics Tiki Tour of SF & Saturday Party

Isotope Comics, the best comic book store in SF (and possibly the world) teamed up with iFanboy again for another hit Tiki Tour of the Tiki bars of San Francisco and then threw the biggest party of WonderCon honoring Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Darwyn Cooke and Jonah Hex.

Jonathan Ross

UK Megastar Jonathan Ross took some time to chat with Ron about his new comic book, Turf from Image Comics, which he wrote along with art by Tommy Lee Edwards. They also chat comic books and the BIG idea for S.H.I.E.L.D. that Jonathan has that may never have been done in comics before!

Judd Winick

Conor talks with Judd Winick about his various Jason Todd related projects at DC Comics, including a new series and upcoming DC Comics DVD production. They also chat about his upcoming projects: taking over Power Girl and working with Kieth Giffen on a new Justice League International series.

Darwyn Cooke

The man, the myth, the legend, Darwyn Cooke sits down with Ron to chat about 2009 and the success of his first Parker graphic novel, as well as the prelude to the second Parker book, available at WonderCon.


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  1. HA! I saw that guy in the tight black spandex every day of the con. Stylin’ and profilin’.

  2. I must say it’s amazing that you guys put this up so quick. Wondercon felt like yesterday. And the truth is, it ended less than 50 hours ago.

  3. And I haven’t slept since Sunday…  😉

  4. Why does Joe Casey have a handlebar mustache?

  5. You know what’s bizarre? I haven’t read anything by Casey (his cool stuff seems to be out of print and whatever isn’t doesn’t interest me) but I wanted to say thanks for his iFanboy appearances. I went up to the Image booth but decided against in the end.

  6. can’t go wrong with Darwyne Cooke

  7. so should we be expecting the Rucka Manifesto any day now?  no?

  8. What a lineup!  I’m looking forward to this.

  9. Stumptown #5 coming out in September? Holy crap, that’s late. Greg Rucka better be referring to September of this 2010, and not.. you know…urgh.

  10. Haha, Robinson still can’t look iFanboy in the eye!

  11. Feels weird to see Jonathan Ross on iFanboy. Been watching his show for years, it’s like two of my worlds have collided. I didn’t even know he was writing a comic, should be good. His "never been done in comics before" idea intruiges me also…

    Great show! Don’t worry, your constant exhaustion is all worth it.

  12. @ RapidEyeMoevement hahah i know what your saying. Just watched his show last week and now he is on iFanboy, definitely feels weird. But good weird :):)

  13. @ iFanboy great show guys! Any plans to interview Geoff Johns at C2E2?

  14. Great Episode guys, Jonathan Ross sold me on his new book, sounds interesting.  Look forward to seeing you guys at c2e2!

  15. Damn you, iFanboy! I thought for sure I’d have my WonderCon video up before you, but alas I’m still rendering.

  16. Why’d you guys only show Josh dancing at the beginning? Was he behind the camera the rest of the con?

  17. @jackietam 3 and 4 have been late, but he always planned on having 4 months on, then a break, 4 months on, then a break, so 5 literally CAN’T be late 🙂  (well now that he’s said September, maybe it can be, but still)

  18. Love the con episodes!

  19. Please tell us the story about the dancing guy in the beginning. It was classic to see the audience viewers head turned to the side like what the f*&%. Great interviews !!! This was an awesome video show.

  20. That guy in spandex looks an awful lot like Josh….

  21. Caught Ron chatting up a ladyfriend there….Ron, the Mack of Wondercon!

  22. I agree, watching Jonathan Ross on ifanboy is strange after i’ve been a fan of his show for years

  23. JOHNATHON ROSS WTF (awesome)

    ps hope that chick wasnt someones girlfriend, ron 

  24. who’s the poor schmuck who edited this?

  25. @thenextchampion I thought the same thing! lol


    Great show guys!

  26. Finished watching the episode, great interviews, but whats up w/ James Robinson not looking at the camera or Ron? and Ross’s interview was like two worlds colliding I’m definitely going back to the store to pick up TURF 

  27. hey! Really great show guys!  Thanks for this!!! 😀

     Loved the interviews and all!  I REALLY appreciate seeing this!

     And so I guess you’ll be covering C2E2 as well?  *hopefull*

  28. the best thing is when didio kissed robinson. that was hilarious.

  29. Fun video. Every year I watch this ep I think about how I need to get my ass out to WonderCon. San Francisco is such a fantastic town, that it’s all but guaranteed to be a good time.

  30. I don’t watch television shows where they interview celebrities because I don’t want to know if my favorite actor is an arrogant prick.  I have a similar feeling about interviews with my favorite creators.  This is the only site where I listen to interviews/watch convention shows.  I still, often, cringe at the way some of these creators talk about their work.

    That said, man, Greg Rucka is endearingly awesome.  I am even more excited about seeing his creator owned work now, which I didn’t think was possible.

  31. I so awesome to see a guy so fired up about writing comics as Jonathan Ross is, it’s like he’s spent the past two years waiting for someone to ask him to talk about it and Ron finally gave him his forum. Awesome, I’m definitely going to check out ‘Turf’ based on that interview and how psyched Ross is…

  32. First off: Great episode

    Secondly: Greg Rucka is the coolest, nicest guy out there and although I’m sad to see him leave DC I’m kind of giddy to see him get back to creator owned stuff. Maybe we’ll see Stumptown #3 before christmas! (I kid, I kid)

     Third: Jonathan Ross seems like a pretty cool guywith tons of enthusiasm and if my pull list wasnt pecariously balanced for monetary reason I would definitly pick up Turf. But I will pick up the trade when it comes out.

    And finally: It seems like Mark Millar tells everyone to write comics: Jonathan Ross, Clarke Duke may be doing one from what I hear, and a couple of other ones that I cant remember off the top of my head. Good thing I enjoy prestige projects!


  33. Great episode – really loved Ross and Rucka’s interviews. James Robinson’s interview was as strange as usual – the man never makes eye-contact with any interviewer I’ve seen him talking to. Great news on the Shade mini though. Can’t wait to hear what artists will be coming on board for it.

  34. What Jonathan Ross on ifanboy! I knew he wrote that book and he loves comics but that was a strange seeing him here, when he’s probably the most famous and well paid guy on British TV (he gets about a third of the viewers of top US chat shows). He’s definately an example of a person who’s doing comics for the love of it. On TV, he is very quick witted, I hope this carries over into his writing. The theme of the book sounds a bit too familiar but I’ll be picking it up, guessing that he has an original slant on things.

  35. So is next week a kickass show complete with cast interviews?

  36. oh man where have josh been? I sure do miss him

  37. @TNC: I thought it was Josh,too, actually.

    Another nice save thanks to Baby Oliver.

  38. Wow, James Robinson really can’t make eye contact withyou guys. He must listen to the show.

  39. I hope I can attend a wondercon in the future.

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