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iFanboy #155 – Emerald City Comic Con 2010

Show Notes

iFanboy is back on the road doing what they do best, talking to the best comic creators at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. This year, there’s no shortage of fantastic writers and artists at what is always a wonderful show for comic book lovers. We’ve got Brian Michael Bendis, J.H. Williams III, Peter J. Tomasi, Jeff Lemire, Jim Rugg, and Tim Seeley on camera, sharing their genius.

J.H. Williams III and Jeff Lemire

Artist of the one of the most beloved books of the last year, J.H. Williams III talks to Conor about his breakthrough work on Detective Comics with Greg Rucka, and the uncertain future of Batwoman, and some upcoming work on Jonah Hex, among other things.

Jeff Lemire’s star continues to rise, and he talks about Olympic hockey, getting into the groove on his first real monthly series, Vertigo’s Sweet Tooth, all while working on a new project for Top Shelf.

Jim Rugg and Peter J. Tomasi

Jim Rugg, artist on iFanboy’s March Book of the Month Afrodisiac, talks about that incredible work of comic book blaxploitation, from creation to production, as well as his work on the Dark Horse series, The Guild, with Felicia Day.

Green Lantern has never been bigger, and writer Peter J. Tomasi is standing at the wheel, right next to Geoff Johns, helming Green Lantern Corps through Blackest Night, as well as Emerald Warriors, coming soon. Additionally, Tomasi co-wrote an iFanboy favorite, The Mighty this past year, and he talks about its inception and the reaction.

Tim Seeley and Brian Michael Bendis (and Matt Fraction)

Tim Seeley tells us about his cult hit, Hack/Slash, and the move to Image Comics from Devil’s Due Publishing, as well as his artwork over on Wildstorm’s Wildcats.

Brian Michael Bendis talks about Siege, and everything Avengers, from the past, to the upcoming stories working with John Romita Jr. and Alan Davis, as well as continuing work with Stuart Immonen. Matt Fraction stops in for a brief, surprise visit, before stealing Bendis away.


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  1. oh why is the sight of storm troopers doing mundane things so damn amusing?

  2. Interesting to hear that Batwoman as a comic may not even happen now. Would love to know more why that may (or may not) be a possibility. Did Williams go anymore in depth with that or was it just that slight murmur?

    Glad to see Joe Kelly at the end of this. Seems like ron and him get along just fine. Unlike a certain other admin on this site. At least josh can say he’s superdad now. 

  3. Thanks guys.

    I was sad that I moved outta Seattle just a couple of weeks ago, but you guys made me feel like I  didn’t miss much. (although I did)

  4. hear the command in that voice.  I guess we all can see that Fraction is now the real power player at Marvel.

    it’s always awesome to hear how much Bendis appreciates the fantastic artists he is working with.  how great must it be to know that your words will be coming from pictures drawn by legends like JRJR (with Janson too) and Alan Davis.  that Kang stuff sounds great too.

    really like the Tomasi interview too.  I am also hoping for a one-volume edition of the Mighty.  and I am sad that that Emerald Warriors book doesn’t appear to be actually coming until July at the earliest. 

  5. and I’m thinking Josh put that Casey bit in the credits out of spite.  I bet there was a longer interview that got "lost" in the editing process.

  6. I let out a big laugh when I heard "president of the New York Dolls Manchester UK Fan Club" and immediately knew Ron was in his Morrissey Happy Place.

    Great show, guys. 

  7. You know, I’m so vain. I spend half my time watching the conversations, and the other half looking for myself in the background.

  8. I love it when you guys cover cons:)

  9. Why did Thomas Jane just show up like that?

  10. I think iFanboy was video bombed by Thomas Jane, which is pretty awesome. 

  11. Ron should’ve asked Fraction about Dark X-Men. Did I sense some tension there?

    Jim Rugg seems like such a cool guy. I cannot wait to finally get my backordered Afrodisiac (hopefully soon).

    I’m excited to see how all the new Avengers stuff is gonna turn out. The art, especially. Kang? Yes, please.

  12. Yes. Thomas Jane was great.

    According to the June solicit information, DETECTIVE COMICS is having Batwoman return in issue #867, which is a July book. In what capacity Batwoman is returning in (main feature, supporting character, etc.) or who the creative team is going to be isn’t discussed. This could just be a tease. Me, I’m crossing my fingers for the return of Williams, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that didn’t happen especially after the way he was talking with Conor.

  13. Conor sure was nervous talking to J. H. Williams, idn’t that cute.

  14. Great show guys. I always enjoy your interviews, it so cool to see creators and how they are excited about what they do. Can’t wait for Avengers!

  15. Actually, I think Conor had slept about an hour.

  16. If that.

  17. I gotta say, like with Jason Aaron, I don’t expect a man like J.H. Williams looking like that.

    Looks like he needs to go to a ZZ Top concert then create gorgeous pieces of artwork. 

  18. This is the first Con video where I knew everybody you were talking to. Cool!

  19. Thanks for the interviews guys! It was cool to hear from Pete Tomasi, cause I didn’t have any interest in standing in that crazy line. 


    Rucka echoed what JH was saying about batwoman…


    I was the guy who held up Afrodisiac at the ifanboy panel. I was pleased to see there was not any footage of me 🙂

  20. Haha! Back to the Future zoom-in.

  21. I like how the adjectives used to describe all the creators are "Beloved," "Breakthrough," "Genius," "Star," "Incredible," "Never Been Bigger," "iFanboy Favorite," "Cult Hit," and yet Bendis gets no praise or words of love whatsoever in the description.  Bendis never gets his props from iFanboy.  And I know they’ll be the first to say "But we do, look at our past stats."

    It’s all "Methods Of Persuasion In Media 101."

    Still the bias has always been there as long as I’ve listened.  It’s there, and I wouldn’t expect those who have it to see it.  Any props he does receive always seem forced and grudge filled.

    Haven’t seen the video yet, just read the description.

  22. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Wow. Just…

  23. It’s not paranoia if you’re clinically insane.

  24. I hate Matt Fraction… I’m sorry. Bendis is a creator who I hate being disappointed in. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who always gives it his all and only gets crapped on. Go him! I can’t wait for his Maleev creator owned, Daredevil blew my mind. JH3 kicks ass too!

  25. Black helicopters ‘n shit.

  26. You all know me, normally I keep quiet etc.  But..

    @kickass come on – I have repeatedly said in public and private that if I had to pick one writer as my favorite of the 2000s, it’s Bendis.  I have said this on our shows, on other shows at cons and to Brian in person and via e-mail. 

    I’m all for a wacky conspiracy theory and you’re allowed to interpret however you want, but this one you couldn’t be completely further from the truth.  Sorry.

  27. I like the part when Bendis talks about how Secret Invasion did drag on for most readers.

  28. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I can’t recall iFanboy’s praise for Bendis’ run on Ultimate Spider-Man featuring many caveats.

  29. If not for Alias, I wouldn’t be here right now. Have I gone six weeks without mentioning that in a column?

  30. Why do you make Bendis look a like a short, bald, jewish guy? Try and hide your agenda a bit better.

  31. "I haven’t watched this video yet but I bet I can find something negative to say beforehand."

    The ifanboy guys talk about how much they love Bendis all the time. I think youre confused with 11 O’Clock comics 😉


  32. @KickAss Are you trying to be Woodward and Burnstein for the comic book cricic circles? Do you realize how sad and futile that is? But you must be right, because it’s not like they made half of the entire Siege mini-series as their POTW, right?

    Anyway, off that topic…I loved listening to Jim Rugg talk about Afrodisiac, as I’m really glad you guys opened me up to that book, it seems as it was written with everything I find hysterical.


    Watching this kinda makes me sad that the NYCC is so far away…I may have to go to one before that to satisfy my con hunger!


    I wonder what a Storm Trooper puts on his Subway sandwich… 

  33. On the Bendis interview–at first I was hella excited about him mentioning the "next Avengers," because I was thinking of the MC2 stuff, and while I haven’t read a lot of those, I have read Spider-Girl and thought, "Sweet!" Then I saw it was from that really drab DTDVD movie and my balloon was popped.  

  34. great interviews especially w/ bendis (like you didnt know that already) and the I liked the credit bit, YOU KNOW "WHAT" RON! YOU KNOW!

  35. Next Avengers, huh…okay, in Bendis I trust, but its gonna be difficult. 🙂

  36. Cool show guys!  Thanks! 🙂

  37. When Matt Fraction showed up i thought Josh had made it to the con…through me for a loop

  38. Great show, some nice in depth interviews. A+

  39. Great show, guys! iFanboy does the best comicon interviews! They always get me to try new books!

  40. Very professional show, guys.  That pencils to colored DC transition was impressive.  You guys just keep getting better.

  41. Was that Hurley walking behind Conor at the end there???

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